Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What treasures does your phone hold?

 Today while out on a walk,
 I had my phone with me and I passed by this amazing
old ambulance truck....so I snapped a picture of it and it got me thinking
what have I taken pictures of to share that I have forgotten about,
turns out I had quite a few so here goes.....
 Check out this amazing suitcase a friends daughter found on her
travels over in Europe......she has quite an eye for fabulous treasures!
I had a blast looking through her pictures.
 Love love love her suitcase!
 Eagle after a satisfied meal.
 I loved this article I found while getting my hair done one day....
 Mimi at her Christmas play.
 I loved this pillow from Plane Jane
one of my favorite shops.

 In my next life I want to wear only Betsy Johnson dresses......
 I wish this picture had turned out as clear as I remembered it...

 Inside another one of my favorite stores
Second Run
Tile shopping with a friend
I thought these were works of art......

Whats filed away in your phone?



  1. Nice pictures !!
    We don´t have snow, here it is very warm 10°C. In November we had snow a few days (that was very early).

  2. aahhh Mimi is so beautiful such a gorgeous little smile to bless her. Lovely photo's its amazing what you amass on your phone mine is mostly craft work i have done or my vintage goodies i buy i send them to my mum as she lives away. dee x

  3. My phone has about 1500 ( i know this as i am trying to do something with them all). My faves on yours are those glorious frocks, that suitcase and your gorgeous girl. mel x

  4. ♥ Hi,Heidi! So many lovely things and beautiful Mimi♥! xxx Have a Happy day!♥ xxx Riitta

  5. I will go and have a look!........ :) x

  6. mimi is adorable! that one made me grin and warmed my heart. :)

  7. Great photos. Never heard of Betty Johnson clothes but then I live in the western US.

  8. Betsey Johnson!! Me, too, and her shoes.
    I love your junk/antique shop. Those snowshoes should bring a fortune. So true about the salary, painfully true. Diane

  9. I have a little something i would like to send to you but i dont have the correct software on this lap top to open up your email address in your profile. Would you mind sending it to me via my address at dmhornbook@googlemail.com don't worry if you dont want to give it i will understand ;-) dee x

  10. It's true I always snap photos on my phone and then ignore/forget about them for a lifetime! And I don't have Instagram either.
    It's really funny you've got that picture of the Antler suitcase - I found one in a neighbours skip a few weeks ago and didn't recognise the name, but thought it would be useful to store some treasures! It's sat in my wardrobe at the moment xxx

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  12. removed first as made an error with code!!

    not into my phone at all
    [might be different if instagram
    was compatible with blackberry}
    meanwhile: ms 'h' you are a generous star
    cannot thankyou enough for your support
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    wish i could pop by and give you a big hug
    and crack open a cava or 2 ...
    merci beaucoup for the button and link
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  13. Can you imagine how long it would take to sew all those ruffles on that Betsy Johnson dress? As far as my phone, it is empty of photos, but then again, I keep my camera with me at all times.