Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year.....cheers to small changes!!!

 I was putting away Christmas in the family room this last week
in what used to be the store and I can't believe I have been
closed over a year now.....
 I used to love changing out displays and I got to thinking I still
do quite a bit of that just around the really
not having the shop turned out to be a small change.
 the apples make their first debut....
 I used to make New Years resolutions but they fell
by the wayside a few years ago......maybe because
I never kept them!
 My little pears and Lemons made by the PY company
in Japan were so excited to get out of the cupboard.....
 I used to have my kitchen filled with these happy faces till the 3 men in my
life put there foot down and said the eyes all over the kitchen were
starting to bother them.....
 I just love them....
 this picture turned out a little blurry....
To the Happiest 2012 to come
filled with small changes I pray that will
grow to big Changes instead of the other way around!!!

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Goodbye Christmas decorations for another year......

 What do you think of my new thrifted picture......
I found this vintage yarn beauty last week, what a colorful treat!
Here's a sneak peak of my next post.......
Stay tuned!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Heres a question for you, How long do you leave your Christmas
decorations up for? 
We had someone over for dinner and he was amazed
 that I had taken Christmas down already he left it up once for 2 years!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Precious.......Handmade with love!

 Yesterday while I was out finishing up last minute Christmas/grocery shopping
along with having lunch with a friend.....
 Phil was working in the shop and Mimi usually loves to be out there with her Dad
well when I came home she told me she had made me a gift but I had to wait
till later to get we went to a wedding,
 where we watched our little princess cute!

so when we got home this is what I sweet is this treasure.
She drew the tree and Phil cut it out, then she colored it and he clear coated it for 
her......I think Christmas is complete.
Its just precious!

Monday, December 19, 2011

A few Christmas crafts over the years......

 One of my favorite crafts is to make Christmas wreaths
out of vintage bits and baubles. This was one I made this year....
 along with this one....
 Mimi and I embellished this one a little more this year....
 I love the old bottle brush wreaths I used to sell these
a lot in the store.....
 here are two that I kept.....
 This was my first wreath I made years ago
and sold a few in the store....
 I found the pink branches at the thrift store this year
 and added them in.....
 The little angels always make me smile......

Its snowing a little today kind of gray and overcast but in the 30's
so were having great weather. 
The kids and I went for a almost 3 mile walk today to burn off all the 
Holiday eating as of late and George made it the whole way, I was very impressed
with our little man.....
I hope your week is going well also!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

One week left......the kids are home!

 I tried my hand at Krumkake cookies today and
(Little House in Paradise) Sherri had a Peppermint bark recipe.
Sherri and I are going to have to go over the recipe and see where I failed
twice at this......It may have been I had too many helpers......
I picked up this little guys at the thrift store this year....I think he's cute!
I thought I'd share the kids school and their Christmas party.
Mimi's class got to talk to Santa it was so sweet to see how serious
they all get when they ask for the impossible a pony!

I always love the gift exchange....there so funny!
It was so sad because this is Cory's last year at elementary school
and his last Christmas party!
Mimi and I came down and checked out his party
he looks so serious maybe he's trying to say, leave you two!!!

Oh I forgot to finish telling you about my Krukake's 
they turned out great after about the first 20, I finally got the hang of it!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A little Christmas cheer....and my Hero's!

 My spirits are lifted.....
 and Christmas cheer has been restored 
 in our little household.
 My Hero was little George.....Let me tell you Toy Poodles
are quite the little mousers! 
 Phil and him took care of the job while I stood on a chair behind
a sheet of ply wood......maybe I do need help!
 I feel so Happy to have all company gone and my home back to just family!
 I'm almost done Christmas shopping.
How are you guys doing?
A reward for my helpers and me
 it was tough keeping myself together on top of the chair!!!!

I'm off to visit you and catch up with your busy lives
THANK YOU for all your lovely sweet comments!

Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm just sick.....

 The anniversary date of closing my store almost a year ago
 is upon us and while going over pictures from the store.
I was looking for some to do an upcoming post about.....
I discovered yes you guessed it I think a EEK mouse dropping.
If your new to my blog, as the rest of you long time readers already know
there is only one thing that I'm petrified of, mice.
Phil has plugged and covered any entry because no one suffers more than him
if one is ever to grace our door because he has to live with me.

We discovered this unidentified dropping last night and lets just say I
didn't get a wink of sleep, both eyes were open all night.

Are any of you as scared of them as I am????

Saturday, December 10, 2011


 Last night my neighbor Carol called and told me about the Beautiful 
full moon.
 So Mimi had a friend over and we had quite a fun time
on the lake pretending they were figure skaters.....

 We had just gotten a dusting of snow but the lake a few days ago was just glass because it had rained.
 George was not sure of the lake, he was a little scared.
 Carols Christmas lights looked so pretty.....we are almost to our shortest day.
and then we start gaining day light, yeah!
 Jeremy came and joined us....
What a beautiful evening........