Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm just sick.....

 The anniversary date of closing my store almost a year ago
 is upon us and while going over pictures from the store.
I was looking for some to do an upcoming post about.....
I discovered yes you guessed it I think a EEK mouse dropping.
If your new to my blog, as the rest of you long time readers already know
there is only one thing that I'm petrified of, mice.
Phil has plugged and covered any entry because no one suffers more than him
if one is ever to grace our door because he has to live with me.

We discovered this unidentified dropping last night and lets just say I
didn't get a wink of sleep, both eyes were open all night.

Are any of you as scared of them as I am????


  1. Haha, no not really, but then I survived living in Sri Lanka for two years with flying cockroaches, pythons etc. ;-)
    Breathe Heidi! :-)

  2. I don't mind mice, but living near a rivers edge we sometimes spy river rats scuttling may be able to hear my screams from here across the big blue ocean. x

  3. actually, my love... no...
    i quite like mice, not that i invite them in, or anything.
    a spider now...
    a year already?
    it feels as if you're still in your shop.
    i think you are your shop! X

  4. I have had to get used to the rats that come out of the coop if I go too late to tuck in the chickens. They go in and eat from the feeder...ugh. - I do remember your fear of the nasty mice...I don't think anyone is very happy about having them in the house! xxoo

  5. Oh you brave ladies out there, a river rat.......yes breathe indeed!

  6. Blurgh! Mice! When I was young my mum and dad's house was near to fields. This time of the year the field mice wanted a nice warm home to spend their christmas in! Urgh still remember one flying past my face even now! Ooo I did scream!

    Hope you catch it.

    MBB x

  7. Oh, I just detest them. This is one of the first homes I've lived in that didn't have mice. I feel so blessed, believe me!!
    I hope you catch yours fast!!

  8. Oh Heidi,

    We have had mice before, but luckily I am not afraid of them. My husband and I even chased it out of the house :-)! I hope you will find your mouse soon, so that you will get some rest.

    Take care!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  9. I don't want them living in my house, but am not afraid of them. As long as they stay outdoors, I think they are rather cute little creatures.
    BTW, your assortment of green and yellow things look so pretty together.

  10. I can honestly say I am not afraid of spiders or rodents of any size or any bugs for that matter. What sends me on a chair is a snake..... I do not care if it is the most harmless snake known to man..... I will scream like someone is killing me!!
    Happy Holidays !

  11. As long as it is not in my house. A friend of mine has a cat that brings mice (still alive) in the house all the time. Eeek, is right!

  12. Mice are cute! I don't see why anyone can be afraid of them with their black pearly eyes, little transparent ears and pink noses :o) Spiders, however, is a totally different matter! They're the most frightening things on earth!

  13. I'm with Garden of Daisies here...

    But I don't know if this story will help you or not: I'm really quite freaked by spiders. Moving ones especially, and really horrified at the idea of one of them on me. Yesterday I had to go out to our shed in the dark - I'd promised Ben I'd get a bag out for him and had forgotten until the darkness fell. I went out, grabbed the bag, and felt my fingers touch something 'wrong' as I picked it up. I shone the torch onto it and a spider was scuttling away (injured). Half of me wanted to go all jittery, but the other half said: 'That didn't feel like anything bad at all. I wouldn't have guessed it would feel ordinary.' And strangely, I didn't freak, because half of me just observed, instead of going into a panic. I was quite surprised (and obviously pleased)! I do hope you get rid of your unwanted visitor.

  14. Eeew I can't bare them! I did hear that peppermint oil is a deterrent if you sprinkle it about any of their little entrances...
    A year already, boy that's gone quick! xx

  15. aahhh bles you. I like mice there so sweet and tiny they wont hurt you sweetie they will be more afraid of you believe me. Its snakes i can't stand to quick etc for me gives me shivers. Hope you manage to find it so you can put your mind at rest, dee x

  16. Hate to tell you but I think they are cute. A year ago we had some come into our house here on Cape Cod. My daughter and her husband were down visiting. I woke up in the middle of the night to screaming. A mouse had crawled into their bed and was crawling up my son-in-laws leg. He kind of brushed at it then felt this big, fuzzy thing and freaked out. Jumped out of bed screaming. There was a tiny 1 inch mouse in the middle of the bed terrified. I scooped the thing up and put it outside. Poor thing! We called an exterminator and not had a problem since! :)

  17. for me its roaches, uuuurghhh!

  18. EEek, yes, I'm a bit squeamish about rodents with tails. I once had to (try to)sleep in a room in Bali with a rat scurrying above me in the beams. I occasionally saw its tail as it scuttled about.

  19. Oh no my friend...I don't like them either...hope you find the little trouble maker soon. xoxoxo Hugs to you.

  20. aww. i think mice are cute! :) i do get ticked off at them, however, if they're chewing up stuff in my pantry! or stowing my dog food behind the fridge!

  21. i do NOT like that, that is for sure. but bugs are worse to me!

  22. You`d have a bigger problem if it had been moose droppings...!

  23. No and I'm sorry that you get so scared of them. It has to be an awful feeling. (((hugs)))Diane

  24. Ooh, poor thing, it must be terrible if you are scared of them. I just don't like them when they are running around because I am frightened they will run up my leg. I onced owned a pet rat and she was very cute, but mice are was too smelly.

  25. We moved into a new office earlier this year and can you believe we had mice raunning all over the office! The funniest was seeing the men jumping on chairs and pretty much screaming at the sight of them!

    Victoria xxx

  26. Heidi,
    This is so funny...sitting on the second shelf are the green glasses that I bought from you!!! I treasure them!!! Oh I love so many things in that picture!!! Wish your store was still open...maybe we should open one together...that would be so much fun!!!!
    And yes I don't like mice!!!! I'm like you, I am a total wreck around them!!! I would have a tough time sleeping as well!!! Stay strong!!!
    Chris :o)