Friday, September 20, 2013

Its been a while.....

 I don't know where the time has gone in the last few weeks.....
 I saw this tree on Pinterest a couple of years ago
 you may remember me posting about it.
Well when I started preschool I knew it would be perfect
to hang the kids artwork from it.
 So we went through the scrap wood pile and created this,
I love the end result......thank you, Phil.
 One little boy said we need a squirrel....I'm on the hunt!
 Cory had a birthday this week, He's going to have a birthday party
coming up but we celebrated going out to dinner and Carroll baked him a 
Goofy cake and brought it over on Monday.
Which was so sweet!
What a precious young man we have....

I thought I would share the original, I can't believe how simple this was
30 minutes start to finish.....laying it out was the most time consuming part!

I can't wait to catch up 
take care,


  1. aw, heidi!
    i know, i've been hiding myself, haven't i?
    time is a bummer at the moment, i'm afraid.
    but i hope you have high times in school and celebrating, yet another birthday!! a happy one to your son!
    kiss the moose!!!!

  2. You were absent for a long while! glad you are back.

  3. I love the tree, and happy birthday to your boy!! ...and happy birth day to you clever mumma x

  4. That tree idea is fantastic! Hope your son has a great party! :) x

  5. love your tree! so cute and perfect for your classroom! that's where all your time has gone. :) happy birthday to your sweet son.

  6. Dear Heidi,

    Welcome back! I missed your posts and comments! Congratulations to your handsome son Corry and on your wedding anniversary!

    Your tree looks beautiful. Such a good idea! I hope you will find your squirl! Glad to hear you enjoy your new job.

    Happy Sunday!

    Madelief x

  7. Love your tree Heidi, how lucky are all your kidlets having such a creative teacher! mel x

  8. What a fun tree. It can change with the seasons or weeks and always will look cute. Cory is a handsome young man and I hope he has a wonderful birthday. Diane

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  10. Isn't Pinterest the best? I love it for inspiration. Looks like you are on to E . . . hope D went alright. Sorry I was no help :( Love to see new posts on your blog! See you soon.

    P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORY!!! (I wanted to add that)

  11. What a great idea - bet the children love it! Hope you're enjoying your new work Heidi.
    Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Cory - what an amazing Birthday cake for a handsome young man - where does the time go, they grow up so quick!
    Thanks for your comment on mine Heidi!
    Gill xx

  12. Hej Heidi, the tree is perfect, a squirrel would be great.
    Congratulations to your son.
    Have a nice week, lieve groet

  13. This is so cute. I love it and I can't believe that it only took you 30 minutes! I think it would look cute with your children's initials carved in the trunk of the tree or a special date. I love it!

    xo Danielle

  14. have you been busy with your new job?! hope you are liking it :)

  15. Tree looks good, Cute way to keep your necessities.

    Izod 3281

  16. I love the tree it's a brilliant idea, bet the kids love it too.

  17. Lovely tree, Heidi, what a great idea !
    Happy Birthday to your son !
    That cake looks delicious :-)
    Nice weekend,

  18. The frosting on those cakes. And the first one is hot pink. Hope they had a great time. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too anytime.