Thursday, May 30, 2013

Look at my little friend.....

 Hello meet little Mabel our little long legged friend......
 Yesterday we had this Momma in our backyard....
We were wondering if it was the same Momma from last year.
 Well today walking along the highway right in front of our house,
 was little Mabel crying for her Momma, 
we were so worried she'd get hit by a car
 and there was no sign of Momma anywhere.
 So we called Fish and Game and they came and got her
but she slept in the edge of the woods in our yard till her ride arrived.

When Fish and game came they lifted her into a carrier and took her across
the busy road to where they had spotted her Mom.
I pray they find each other again and The officer was so nice and let
us pet her goodbye......
Their fur always looks so soft but its really quite nappy and rough.

Take care,

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Moose Babies.....

Look at these little sweethearts....
A friend sent me this picture ,
they were born in his backyard
and  he was able to watch the entire
miracle of their birth.....
How fortunate!

Yesterday we had a beautiful day
and it looks like we get two more
and then back to a little rain,
no complaints!

take care,

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kelly-Peterson lake

 Yesterday afternoon we went out to
Kelly lake to join some friends who were camping.
 In the evening we went for a hike around the lake
It was so lovely.....
 We went past a few beaver homes....
 I took this to show all there lovely little saw marks
they are amazing craftsman!

 Were a little behind for our season 
but everything is slowly popping up......
We are thinking of tonight bringing our tent.....
today I'll venture over to Peterson lake
and I'll share with you!

What's wonderful is you can rent little cabins around the area
for next to nothing and we passed one on this hike
and I would have taken a picture had the 
guests not all been sitting out enjoying the deck and view.
but heres a link.....

This is what Jeremy did with his friends this weekend 
they rented a cabin and with 3 of his buddies
hiked in and I bet there having a blast
with this lovely weather......
I can't wait to see his pictures of their adventure!

Happy Sunday to you all,

Friday, May 24, 2013


 Yesterday I re-did the kitchen in color

 from a couple of months ago when I did it in blue and white....

Anyway, I always have fun switching
things out......
but what I have really been busy with is.....
 with a couple of friends
we have been asked to take on an estate sale.

This being our first one 
we have already learned so much
but were having fun at the same time!

Enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy Weekend....

 Instead of waking up to some green anything I woke up to....

On a happier note
 I have been dying to share these sweet vintage dresses I found....
 They fit, the only problem is....
 one must have fabulous legs to pull one of these numbers off...
 I can't pass up a vintage dress in a thrift store.......
because when the next Mad Men party rolls around it will be fun
to pass them around!

 I found this fabulous summer bag yesterday
yard sale shopping with a if the sun would only come out!

I found this set of ARC dishes 
with a few other kitchen I'm 
thinking next week I'm up for re-doing the kitchen in 
pink and greens or cream!

I hope you all had as lovely a week as I did?
Take care and have a sunny weekend,

P.s. wait till you see the gorgeous dresses a friend passed along
they are so Beautiful.....thank you again Amanda!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Weekend......

 Last night we had a surprise birthday party
for a friend.....
 I tried my hand at a rainbow cake I had seen on pinterest
 Mimi and I decorated little dress cookies

 Happy 30th to Angie
The Cake Lady made her black forest cake
it was so good!
Marian spent her first night in her new home
lots to celebrate.....
I hope you all had a lovely week
and a
blessed Mothers Day tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Wednesday.....its a rambling post!

I hope your all having a lovely week so far?
I received another lovely box from my sister-n-law,
we have been sending each other pick me up boxes,
swapping treasures!
 She sent me this lovely Anthropologie purse,
and some lovely linens...

 Check out my lovely thrifted teapot I found yesterday....
 All of our kids have been sick but Jeremy was the worst,
I took this picture of our animal whisperer.....
look at these sweethearts taking care of him!

 Mr. Milo, I can't make a move without him in my business...stinker!
 George trying to get some attention....
Mimi and I made some paper flowers we had seen on 
Decor 8......

Have a great rest of the week!