Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kelly-Peterson lake

 Yesterday afternoon we went out to
Kelly lake to join some friends who were camping.
 In the evening we went for a hike around the lake
It was so lovely.....
 We went past a few beaver homes....
 I took this to show all there lovely little saw marks
they are amazing craftsman!

 Were a little behind for our season 
but everything is slowly popping up......
We are thinking of tonight bringing our tent.....
today I'll venture over to Peterson lake
and I'll share with you!

What's wonderful is you can rent little cabins around the area
for next to nothing and we passed one on this hike
and I would have taken a picture had the 
guests not all been sitting out enjoying the deck and view.
but heres a link.....

This is what Jeremy did with his friends this weekend 
they rented a cabin and with 3 of his buddies
hiked in and I bet there having a blast
with this lovely weather......
I can't wait to see his pictures of their adventure!

Happy Sunday to you all,


  1. it is so beautiful! the pines and the lake...

  2. What a beautiful lake,have a nice week,greetings Musje.

  3. The lake looks beautiful in the sunlight Heidi. I believe the weather in Alaska must be better than in Holland :-)

    Happy new week!

    Madelief x

  4. It's just so beautiful, what a lovely place to visit! :) x

  5. Such fantastic views. I see the sun moved to Alaska. You all deserved it after a long winter :-)
    Regards, Annet

  6. Oh, wow - that's beautiful - thanks for sharing. I'd love to stay near there! X

  7. What a beautiful area and how nice to be able to rent a little cabin..looking forward to seeing photos from Jeremy's time there. I went to the link you provided but couldn't find anything on the cabins..perhaps I missed something.

    Have a great day! xo

  8. Looks like fun! I heard a brown bear was out on Kelly lake testing the ice a couple of weeks ago. Jumping up and down on it. I love it out there!