Friday, May 3, 2013

A typical day.....

 I won a lovely giveaway over at
 It arrived this morning.....
Thank you so much, The towel
is just a perfect fit in my kitchen!
 The challenge today is what is your typical day
so here goes.....
I have to get up at 5am because the boys catch the bus around 6:40
then Mimi catches the bus around 8:00
then I usually pick up the house and head to
my workout.....but this morning I went out to the shop to help Phil
with some cabinets......
 I found these little gems today while grocery shopping...I love them!
Have any of you tried them?
 ran a few errands and 
then I got a call from our oldest he had the flu....
He wanted Top Ramen.
Picked up Mimi from school 
Made dinner and ran her to her soccer game
it was the jamboree, so it lasted 2 hours
long day
Going to bed


  1. ooh, 5 am - early start! Yes, I love edamame beans - you can get them here as a salad - with chopped green beans in a minty dressing - yummy. They're really good for you too. Hope your weekend's less hectic. Abby x

  2. Havn't seen those beans before, look tasty. Get up at 05.30 here, daughter and hubby leave for school and work at 06.20 and boys for school at 07.25. Congrats on your win, great fun. Pouring rain here today, gets really slippery at night as temperatures go below freezing still. Everything looks yucky and dull until nature starts waking up, can't wait 'till the trees start to sprout. Hope your weekend will be a really good one and that your eldest will get over the flu quickly. Pam xx

  3. You shouldn't need a workout if you pick up your house everyday!!You can get those beans here covered in chocolate!Scrummy! Have a restful weekend, Heidi, you certainly deserve it!xxx

  4. i'm exhausted just reading about it! :)

  5. Your typical day looks very tiring. Phil's shop looks very interesting. Diane

  6. The CK labels and stickers set has lasted me for almost 3years, it's such a great little book to have! xxx