Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thank You, Miss Posie Patchwork!

Sitting in bed this morning was quite a treat
 I'm half way through
reading her blog day features just by-pass one of them..
Thank you again Posie! 
I love taking in all your energy, creativity and your
adorable family.....for some reason I can't link back
Just check out my blog list to hop over.....

we have rain rain rain today
 I hope you all find the sun!

p.s. I baby sat my 2 little cuties yesterday
and I must say hats off to all of you mom's who had there
children close together, 2 car seats a double stroller which I got stuck
trying to get into a store....when I got a look I just smiled and said
I'm just a woman driver, I forgot you don't give small kids gum
lets just say those clothes are toast, then to top it off we went for ice cream, we all deserved it.
and perfectly timed when we got back home I handed the sticky bundles of love right back
to Mom......phew!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The perfect Tomato and a re-do

 Growing the perfect tomato is easy 
when you let the greenhouses do it for you...
Vickarooni got these in Anchorage for a $1 a lb.
BLT's for dinner tonight, hmmmm! 
Here is my before picture remember the 
green cabinets.....
 Well I do love the all white you guys were right and look my cheap white
dishwasher just disappeared. 
 I repainted the walls a little darker blue.
I got a little trim on the top of my hood vent cabinet next step doors
and that missing shelf.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Friday, August 26, 2011

A little out of practice....

 Shhhhh all is quiet and calm for the moment......
a friend asked me to watch her two little girls
for the day they are both under 3 years old.
 it started at 7am and they cried and consoled each other it was 
the sweetest thing, then they warmed up to me.
I have been called Mimi ever since.
 we have been on 2 walks
played in the sand
ate some raspberries out of Carols garden
threw rocks in the lake
washed our feet and everything else in the kitchen sink
our only problem has been that Momma forgot to
leave me the diaper we have been wearing a lot of  
Mimi's clothes , we won't tell her!!!!
 You forget the business....
 I took them for a 2 mile walk and out they are for the moment
so I think I will try and sneak a quiet cup of tea
I hope your day is going well. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School time again....the start of Autumn

 School started yesterday and It always amazes me
 how the last month I keep thinking soon school will be starting
 and I can't wait for a little peace and quiet...
 and the day comes and it always is a sad quiet one....
 On Monday we did a practice walk
 to see how long it would take us to walk to the bus stop.
So we snapped a few photos of the changes we saw along the way that 
reminded us of Fall.
 Jeremy our 16 year old had a great first day
he was excited to have met a foreign exchange
student from Germany who he thought was quite cute.

As you can see Cory was not thrilled to have his
picture taken but did it for me....they do grow up fast don't they.

Friday, August 19, 2011

the man cave...

 This use to be Cory's room
 and now we are using it as an office.
 I love sailboats 
 and vintage kids toys I never get tired of them.
 I love this picture....I don't know where I picked it up.

This sailboat rug I picked up at Anthropologie 
12 years ago.....still loving it!
do you tend to keep things or get rid of things
I'm such a keeper
is this good or bad?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

As apple a day!

 A few of you had asked for a few closeup shots of the kitchen.
 I love these little apples.....tea party anyone?
 and the Danish enamelware.
 I think they mixed well with a little Scandinavian.
 I can't wait to show you the rest someday
maybe my pears or Lemons next!

I don't know why this picture went haywire on me but
we will leave it.....its having a stubborn day!

Hope your all out enjoying whats left of Summer boy Fall
is in the air up here....I hate to even admit this!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The next room.....

 I love this picture....what a sweet little room.
 I thought I would share Mimi's room next.

 We cut through the wall as you can see in a few posts back and this
will someday be her bathroom but for now 
its a closet/playroom.
 I love how the floors turned out I still want to put a high gloss lacquer over them
yet. It was so easy we just ripped plywood sheets and laid them and painted
I wanted them to look like old plank floors, Love them!

  Phil a few years ago built a friend of mine a doll wardrobe
so I had him at the same time build Mimi one.
Its so nice to be enjoying this space.

Hope your all having a lovely weekend!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Phew, finished!!!!!!

 I'm exhausted, as is everyone in our little home.
 We had to be completely done before the appraiser came this morning....
 So a lot of late nights but were done!
 I thought I would share the family room first.
 we had a garage sale last weekend and Vicki
brought this bench and lets just say it had my name on it!
 I picked up these books at a yard sale a few weeks ago.
 the kids are excited about their new space.

this fabulous lamp and clock were also part of Vick's
garage sale goodies.......I love my lampshade with it.
I think she looks like a little chubby woman with a cute hat!!!
I need sleep I'm talking a little goofier than normal......
I can't wait to see what I have missed
in your worlds!!!