Sunday, August 14, 2011

The next room.....

 I love this picture....what a sweet little room.
 I thought I would share Mimi's room next.

 We cut through the wall as you can see in a few posts back and this
will someday be her bathroom but for now 
its a closet/playroom.
 I love how the floors turned out I still want to put a high gloss lacquer over them
yet. It was so easy we just ripped plywood sheets and laid them and painted
I wanted them to look like old plank floors, Love them!

  Phil a few years ago built a friend of mine a doll wardrobe
so I had him at the same time build Mimi one.
Its so nice to be enjoying this space.

Hope your all having a lovely weekend!


  1. woweeeee!!!!!! so in love with the girls play room! sophia would love that- i would love it! love the old vintage furniture pieces and that amazingly beautiful dollys house!!!!! wow wow wow!!!! we love it!!!!....p.s your posts havent being showing up on my blog feed- grrrrr! xxxx

  2. What a wonderful room for a girl and the dollhouse is great.
    Lieve groet Willy

  3. Dear Heidi,

    I have just been scrolling trough your last two posts about your living room and Mimmi's room. I am amazed......It looks simply fantastic!! You have really done a good job. Mimmi must be very happy with her new room. It looks like every girls dream! Your living room is beautiful too. So different then it was before. Well done you!!!!

    Wish you a lovely new week!

    Madelief x

  4. Heidi, Mimmi's room is utterly gorgeous. It's like something from a magazine. My daughter's room depresses me, it is always such a tip. Ho hum.....

  5. i love your world..singing and

  6. I missed these last two posts Heidi. You really have accomplished a lot. I just know you're going to enjoy all that space. Lots of cute decorations, too. Diane

  7. Mimi's room is so cute! I love her little tea set! And her dollhouse!

  8. What a wonderful room for a little girl to dream and play sweet.

    lily x

  9. Such a gorgeous room! Love what you did with the floor, the vintage furniture is wonderful, and the hat boxes are so cute!
    Have a great week Heidi!
    Rachel x

  10. You've done a brilliant job and the floor looks great.

  11. W.O.W.! What a special room. Love the "chandelier".

  12. That picture is adorable!

    Victoria xx

  13. me oh my
    how busy have you guys been
    looking great
    wish i could move in
    and am real partial to grey
    thus love your cupboard
    hope you are all good
    and remember
    spirits cant hurt you hahah


  14. Hej Heidi!

    I am really not ignoring you...just not around in blog land at the moment...but dip in and out of my favourites.
    WOW! Yours house and home is beautiful!
    How comes you decorate soo quickly?
    Fantastic job!
    LOVE PEACE enJOY your beautiful home