Saturday, August 27, 2011

The perfect Tomato and a re-do

 Growing the perfect tomato is easy 
when you let the greenhouses do it for you...
Vickarooni got these in Anchorage for a $1 a lb.
BLT's for dinner tonight, hmmmm! 
Here is my before picture remember the 
green cabinets.....
 Well I do love the all white you guys were right and look my cheap white
dishwasher just disappeared. 
 I repainted the walls a little darker blue.
I got a little trim on the top of my hood vent cabinet next step doors
and that missing shelf.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. The blue paint works really well with all the white, lovely fresh look.

    lily x

  2. Fabulous!!! (I'm singing) :-)
    Love the blue wall color, which one is it?

  3. Totally love your kitchen and dining. It looks so warm and inviting. I will be over for a cuppa soon!
    Pam x

  4. It looks great, as well as the view outside on the picture with the table.
    Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

  5. their kitchen is very comfortable! many dear greetings from Germany by angie

  6. A really nice kitchen!! Love the redo. It's almost a cottage fairytale :).
    Hugs Madelén

  7. Looks very nice with all the open shelves, you did a gret job - beautiful kitchen... so cosy :)

  8. I love everything, I couldn't choose a favorite if I tried...well if you twisted my arm it would have to be the beautiful shade of blue on the wall. xxoo

  9. I love your kitchen- it is amazing and all that open the blue is perfect and the white it the icing on the proverbial kitchen cake. Nicely done.

  10. Your kitchen is just charming Heidi. I love everything about it. The tomatoes look so good. Diane

  11. I like the blue on the ceiling too!!

  12. Those tomaters look really yummy! Your kitchen looks AWESOME! I love love love it!

  13. Hi, What a surprise to read your blog!
    Madelief told about you.
    All full of wunderful vintage things and inspiring rooms.
    I also like it to read about living in a Swedish( i think?)village, beautiful views and even moose around the house!
    Will visit you often!
    greetings from Fleur uit de polder/netherlands

  14. talkin' 'bout kitchens, my love....
    you'll be glad to learn the ceiling was put in ours, last friday. soon walls will get plastered and by x-mas i hope, we hope, to move into a non furbished but rather spacey kitchen. as long as i can dedouble this studio/wardrobe/kitchenette first floor room, yeah??!!
    yes! it's magical how dish washer disappears. i think i might be doing the trick soon-ish.

  15. I just love the work you have done. Its all so fresh and crisp! Love it!

  16. ooo i love the before/after pic of your kitchen!! so exciting!! are you loving it?

  17. I love it! Your kitchen is like something out of a storybook..x

  18. Oh nooooo! Tomatoes are my current nightmare, we have an incredible tomatoes'harvest this year and we're eating nothing than tomatoes, tomatoes and tomatoes, LOL!
    Love your kitchen, such an eye-candy!

  19. Your kitchen is totally adorable. I love the clock on your wall, the one that looks a bit Scandinavian. It is making me want to paint my white walls now! x

  20. You really do have the sweetest kitchen! xox

  21. Oh stunning!! BLT, even i know what they are, everything tastes better with bacon.
    I just put you as a recommendation on my blog post today to celebrate Blog Day, spreading the love honey, on thick!! I said your blog & your home photograph like the pages of a coffee table book, judging from this post, i'm spot on, you're awesome. Love Posie

  22. The white looks perfect! Especially against that beautfiul shade of blue! lovely!
    Gill xx

  23. A really, really beautifull place to eat and live... So cozy! :-)