Saturday, May 14, 2011


I can't believe it's been three weeks since I have posted.
 and I have been wanting to share these Beautiful treasures
 that I received from Madelief.
I love this lace runner, the towels, and the lovely dish!
Next post I will share this incredible necklace also.
I can't wear it without getting at least 3 compliments...
thank you so much Madelief!

Now for my absence in blog world, my new name....
and so on....
We are for the first time embarking on a new road that we have never taken.
I'm so glad to have all of you to share it with.


  1. How nice to find you here! I LOVE the new blog name - I saw your comment and was really drawn to the name, and then I realised it was you! You are all in my prayers and as you see, I'm following your progress...

  2. I have missed you so! It is nice to see your new blog and am looking forward to all of your happy posts. xo

  3. So lovely to see you back & with gorgeous treasure to share as always!! I've been a bit absent myself & barely visited anyone of late. I hope all is ok with you..I'm loving your new blog name...x

  4. So good to see you again. I love your new blog, too, cute name. Hope all is well with you and I love your new things. So fun to get things in the mail from blogging friends, they know just what you like. Love, Diane

  5. Hi,

    I wondered that I had not seen a new post. Good luck with the new path you are taking. Hope it leads to lots of lovely and new exciting adventures. Love the new blog and name to!

    Gorgeous things you have there too. Really pretty.

    MBB x

  6. Dear Heidi,

    I am so happy to hear from you again! Glad you received the parcel. I hoped you would like the things I put inside and I am glad you do!! I am still very happy with the beautiul things you sent me!!! I hope you and your family are ok? Does this mean you will close your other blog?

    Have a lovely sunday!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  7. Forgot to say take care and lots of love!!!!

    Madelief x

  8. Ah, Heidi - I wondered where you were! Great new blog name. Hope you're well and happy. Hope the 'new road' is a good one for you. Lovely pics of lovely things! Thanks for your comment. Ruby is well - just off to see her! Abby x

  9. Hello ,I like your new name andshall addyou on my blog list on my blog today.How wonderful to receive a parcel....puts a smile on our face....ciao Alison

  10. phew
    thought you'd
    popped your clogs
    for a moment there!
    (was seriously
    new blog
    new road
    oh the intrique
    hope it is a
    happy one


  11. Hi Heidi, nice to meeting you. I love all the happily and pretty colored treasures you received. Enjoy!
    Have a sweet Sunday, mine is slowly coming to an end ;)

  12. Hello Heidi,
    how lovely to hear from you! I was wondering what had happened to you!
    Such pretty gifts from Madelief and I love your new blog too!
    Rachel x

  13. Dear Heidi, Is it the Road to Scotland? Yippee!!! If not, it`s ALWAYS a pleasure to hear from you - hope the chosen road is a short and straight one with oodles of greatness at the end for you and yours. TONS of Good Luck atcha!
    ps ADORE the new name and what very generous gifts you received. Lucky You. x

  14. Oh dear Heidi,...I'm glad to be with you again...miss you :O)
    Lucky me that I find you again ;o)
    Have a nice week!
    ..baking is fine...I'll sell my cake in a café here in I'm lucky baking ;o)

  15. Hi Heidi~ How are you? Ive missed your sweet comments and posts!;) Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  16. heidi!! where did you go??? what are you doing?? i feel so lost!

  17. So pleased to have you back!!!

    Victoria xx

  18. Valkommen ater Heidi! (welcome back) I was getting worried!!! Please update us all, we are not curious at all!!! ;-)

  19. lovely new blog and names- i will be here all the way and looking forward to all your new tales along the way xxxx

    love the wonderful giftys Madeleif sent- i adore her dreamy garden x

  20. Welcome back! Love the name! Madelief has a great taste!

  21. Hi Heidi, good to have you back. I'd been wondering what had happened to you ;o)

  22. I love her beautiful blog and the amazing decoration! Thank you for your entry, I thank them sincerely! I start soon a new raffle if they want to take part! All the best, Angie
    Excuse my bad English, I suppose the translator!

  23. Hi Heidi, love the new name of your new blog. Can't wait to see what you have been up do. Any news of the lodge? Tam x

  24. Hello Heidi,
    Thanks for your interest and nice comment, I understand you have a new blog, wish you a lot of success !
    Beautiful things you've received, enjoy them !
    Wish you a wonderful week,

  25. Always happy to add a old blogger. That is a lovely name.
    Hope for all the best. and hopping to see often these days,
    congrats on the parcel,

  26. Hi Heidi,
    Nice to hear from you again and nice to see a post from you. A new blog! Lovely name and I am looking forward to reading your posts.

  27. Lovely treasures! Have a sweet day!

  28. Your blog is lovely....what sweet joy you got from such a thoughtful gal...I love her blog!

    Thank you for visiting me. xoxo

  29. Oh yay Heidi, love this new blog. Super cute blog name, adorable in fact. Missed you too, know you're busy with your gorgeous family & lodge sale, wishing you well, love Posie

  30. Everyone has missed you so! Including me! Love the new blog name and look - a new chapter!

  31. hope it is all for the good.
    Change must be in the air. It's huge around here.

    xxoo, B

  32. I've just discovered your blog! I love these colourful items, the towels are gorgeous x

  33. Welcome back i have soooo missed you and your lovely blog. But how exciting to be starting on a new one ;-)) Thank you for all your lovely comments over at mine. And yes remember that date i had 2 month's ago...its working great ;-)) And i am so very happy he is a wonderful guy and i am really lucky ;-) Now i found you again i will be right back soon. take care, dee x

  34. Heidi!!!
    You're back!!
    Welcome back, have been missing you and George, but you've obviously been busy!
    Love your new blog name and blog, and I do hope everything goes well for you with your new plans.
    So glad to hear from you, thanks for visiting!!!
    Gill xxx

  35. Thanks for visiting my blog Heidi,you have wonderful photos, your visitors (caribou & moose) and all your lovely pretty's I am now a follower x

  36. I've missed you too! I'm now, hopefully, going to read about the change! Heidi, Heidipants.