Thursday, May 26, 2011

A little Alfresco

 I had such a fun day, I started off with a bike ride over to a friends
with the kids.
 Then Vicki and Shereen stopped by with some
Napkins and you all know how I feel about
Napkins, I'm crazy about them!
 Look at them....
 they are so amazing....which makes me just want to have a party
I think they go hand and hand!
 Only George showed up!
and these beautiful mugs she found on sale at Anthropologie
Just look at them....Thank you Vickarooni!!!

I have had a house full of children today 8 to be exact
and 6 sleeping over.....looks like pancakes for 


  1. wow those jugs are beautiful!! Scarlett x

  2. I have a recipe for Moomin pancakes! Just ask ... actually they're probably the same as normal pancakes.

  3. Your table looks so pretty and George's little face is so cute!
    Rachel x

  4. You are a brave woman!! I think you'll be in the kitchen for hours cooking pancakes for that many. Good luck. What a wonderful present for you as well, I love serviettes as well.

  5. Love those mugs! Crikey, a lot of children - good luck - you'll need a stiff drink tonight! Have a great weekend, Abby x

  6. My mum brought me some gorgeous pink and white napkins yesterday! Complete with matching paper plates!

    Victoria xx

  7. Sounds like you had lots of fun :o)

  8. Hi Heidi,

    I see we have something else in common :-). Those napkins!! The cupboard in my little garden house is full of them.

    The Anthropologie mugs look very pretty as well.

    Have a great weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  9. Wow, 8 children! It must be a funny party!
    I love your beautiful mugs!
    And George, of course!
    Love, Laura

  10. Gorgeous, I bet you and George had a fabulous lunch. 8 kids.....YIKKES, good luck enjoy your pancakes!

    PS: I see your followers are missing as are mine, it started last night. I have been looking and about 70% of people are missing their followers. I reported to Google


  11. A gorgeous party set up, I wish I could have come! Enjoy your weekend..I guess everyday will be like a weekend now that holidays are upon you, ENJOY! x

  12. Looks like a fun party, especially with George. Bet the kids had fun at your house. Diane

  13. Those are some nice mugs and napkins. And an even cuter dog :)

  14. God must really love me....just found you!!!
    Chris :o)