Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas......

 I can't believe its Christmas Eve......
 Friday was the last day of school and the 
kids were so cute at our class party....
 Today were going to see a movie with the kids,
then out to dinner .....
 and on to our Christmas Eve service at church 
where Cory and Mimi have parts.
 What are your plans for the Holidays?

Thank you to Pinterest for all the lovely images!

Merry Christmas
Love, Heidi

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Warm News.....At 8 below.

 For 12 years are main source of heat has been
a wood stove and this last week we finally.....
drum roll!
 received a furnace......
I'm so excited...no frost in our windows just a warm house!
Such a blessing, the best Christmas present ever!
 So far so good Milo and Jerry have left both trees alone.....

 The sunrise was beautiful this morning streaming through
the windows......
I still have a few things to get ready for Christmas...
How are you guys coming along with
your lists?

Take care, 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Vintage crafts.....

 I found these little cutie pies in our last estate sale.
 I thought they were so adorable....
 My friend thought they should have gone
in the trash....
Check out the emory board ski's.

 I love his little ski's.
 Little snowballs...

We had freezing rain the last few days with 
warmer temps.....
and Mimi stayed home from school with the flu today. 
So it was just nice to stay close to the fire and watch 
a few Christmas movies.
Take care,

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Technical difficulties.......

 I'm sorry I missed out on wishing all of you a 
Happy Thanksgiving!
 Maybe some of you can help a few months back my 
friend came over and needed help accessing her account
well through my help her Gmail account is now the primary
account on my blog.
 So for me, not knowing her password
I was blocked off my blog...... 
I finally changed her password and got logged in.
 How the two of us managed to make such a mess who knows
any suggestions?

I'm so glad I can leave comments again......

These beautiful houses I found at the last estate sale we ran
I love them to pieces.....
take care,

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The wish list.......

 Of course my wish list is from Anthropologie....
I fell in love with this tea set for my class room and so I ordered it
I'm so excited! Its going to look adorable in our kitchen.
 Can't wait for Christmas.....its hard not to start decorating!
 love these......
 This coat is a work of art!
Please go on sale.....
Not practical shoes for Alaska but adorable all the same.....

Well I have had my morning escape with my first cup of coffee
and now back to my day which
includes a trip to the dentist for Cory and I......yuck!

Take care,

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Its been awhile........

 I'm sorry its been soooooo long since my last post.
I have been busy with the kids and work.
 I'm still in love with my job....those 10 little stinkers
make me laugh everyday!
Its always something new........
 Jeremy made me this lovely butter dish the other day
just in time for Thanksgiving!
And we received our first snow of the year.....
Our temps right up until Halloween were still in the high 40's,
We have had the most lovely Fall.

Last weekend we went for our last hike of the season
 and it was so nice getting out one last time before Mr. Snow
came to visit.

I hope your all doing well?
take care,

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Autumn in Alaska ......with a brown bear!

 We drove up to Anchorage this week
and Phil spotted 2 brown bears along the drive.
 What an amazing sight....
one I never get tired of!
This weekend our church had our ladies retreat
at Alyeska, it was a lovely drive and we had so much fun!

George finally got a haircut.....
He always walks around with an extra bounce.
He's such a sweetheart!

I hope you all have had a lovely week.
Take care,

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Emilia.....

 Miss Mimi turned 9 years old yesterday. 
Carol baked her a Barbie cake and came over for dinner.
 We baked cupcakes to take to school Friday for her
and I forgot to take a picture.....Every year I have taken a picture
its kind of a tradition we started and I totally spaced this year.

Too many things going on I guess, Its going to be a busy busy year.

Love, Heidi

Friday, September 20, 2013

Its been a while.....

 I don't know where the time has gone in the last few weeks.....
 I saw this tree on Pinterest a couple of years ago
 you may remember me posting about it.
Well when I started preschool I knew it would be perfect
to hang the kids artwork from it.
 So we went through the scrap wood pile and created this,
I love the end result......thank you, Phil.
 One little boy said we need a squirrel....I'm on the hunt!
 Cory had a birthday this week, He's going to have a birthday party
coming up but we celebrated going out to dinner and Carroll baked him a 
Goofy cake and brought it over on Monday.
Which was so sweet!
What a precious young man we have....

I thought I would share the original, I can't believe how simple this was
30 minutes start to finish.....laying it out was the most time consuming part!

I can't wait to catch up 
take care,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Estate Sale Treasures....

 I fell in love with these posters from the 50's.....
 Have any of you heard of him?

 How could I pass up these polka dot glasses
 Or this little bottle....
 They had an amazing book collection,
this was my favorite.

While I love getting the estate all ready for the sale and
spending time with friends at the same time.
I'm glad its over and I can just focus on 
pre school, it was hard juggling both the last two weeks.

Its so much fun getting to know the kids, 
they are adorable!

I hope your all doing well and your weather is holding
in the summer pattern...... 
I'm afraid Fall weather is in full swing up here!

Take care,