Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moose or Mouse? rescued from Christmas's past.....

 This Fall at a yard sale
 I picked up this box of Christmas goodies not knowing what treasures
I was in store for well this little handmade ornament was at the bottom
of the moose or mouse?
Indeed this little fellow from the 70's is you guessed it
Moose gross!
but kind of cute, right?

 I loved these little girls with there polka dot hoods!
 Remember these I was about 9 back in the 70's and we had a 
babysitter one night and she was working on one of these ornaments.
I think they are so pretty and this box was full of them.
Some Christmas items should be left behind (moose poop) but these
I'm glad got rescued!
I hope your all having a wonderful week also!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Winter Wonderland.......Inside and out!

 Remember this Fall when I mentioned I found a 
Flocked Christmas tree at a yard sale.....
 I must say.....What a mess these are to put up!!!
 My shiny brites look so pretty on it.
 I have been working on Christmas for 2 days now.....
 and I regret not waiting till Monday when the kids were 
back in school....
 So were in a mess till then.....
 Mimi and I went for a walk the other day with a friend and
with our temps just above zero or below....
 We froze, all of our hair was frosted
I kept telling her if you see an icicle  at the end of my
nose please tell me.....
Everything looks frosted..... So Beautiful!

Happy Decorating to all of you!

I'm off to see what you have been up to....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wishing You a Blessed Thanksgiving!

 What colors your bird, 
I love this little guy,
He's a new addition to the family.....
 I wanted to wish you all a blessed,
 yummy food filled,
 with all your favorites
 Thanksgiving day......
 Filled with family and friends, enjoy!
So we can put the birds and pumpkins away and
bring out Christmas, I'm so ready!!!!

Any of you venturing out Black Friday?
P.s. don't forget to wear your elastic pants tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A few trips to Homer....and a Super long post!

 I have taken pictures on every trip to Homer and have wanted to share
them with you here go's 4 trips worth!
It all started this Fall....
 I went through the local art galleries
look at this beadwork!
 I loved this artist work and his story was amazing, 
I'll share it with you another time.
 this artist made me think of Nadine.
over at Wolfenbell

 ever feel like this....
 of course I'm always drawn to the pretties....

 this next artist 
 how sweet are these faces.....
 Then from those sweet faces to these.....
 creatures from bizarro world   
(they are really cool, I must admit)
 Look at this rack of vintage 
of course I thought of Kitty and Dee
 Tip no. 1 remember sunglasses.....Cory came to the rescue.
 These are from my trip down this past Saturday....
 such a cold but pretty day...

 This barge looked so close....

 These are pictures from the spit.

and this little water hole is quite the stop
in the summer. 
well it use to be ,now the Deadliest Catch gift shop 
has stolen a little of its thunder....
I hope you enjoyed your little visit through one of 
my favorite little towns in Alaska.

Friday, November 18, 2011

I have been a little Piggy!!!!

 I can't wait to show you all my 
Christmas treasures I have found lately.
How CUTE are these little mugs.....
 Little cutie pie!
 This sweet little musical box.
 I love these little presents and garland for Mimi's doll house.
I loved this pink safety pin tree......
I was telling a friend the other day I have been like a little piggy at the trough
at the thrift stores......wait till I show you all my ornaments!!!

I'm so glad some of you have started decorating also......

Don't forget to buy the new Starbucks Christmas cd
its amazing....I'm addicted!

wishing you a wonderful weekend full of treasures!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A few re-do's and ........

 Remember my thrifted lamp a couple weeks ago.
 I never cared for the shade 
 So when I found this one.....I thought it would be perfect!
 Well my knobs came
 What do you think?
 I'm still thinking about it!
 I made some rolls for Phil today.....I need to stay out of them!
at this point I still have.
 I just was saying this morning I hadn't seen a moose for a while in 
the yard.....and then

 this little bull came for a visit.
I wanted to show you the snow this morning
as we walked to the bus its dark now
but  peaceful.....