Friday, November 18, 2011

I have been a little Piggy!!!!

 I can't wait to show you all my 
Christmas treasures I have found lately.
How CUTE are these little mugs.....
 Little cutie pie!
 This sweet little musical box.
 I love these little presents and garland for Mimi's doll house.
I loved this pink safety pin tree......
I was telling a friend the other day I have been like a little piggy at the trough
at the thrift stores......wait till I show you all my ornaments!!!

I'm so glad some of you have started decorating also......

Don't forget to buy the new Starbucks Christmas cd
its amazing....I'm addicted!

wishing you a wonderful weekend full of treasures!!!


  1. I just love your new treasures..I wouldn't be able to pass any of those up either! - Thanks for the info on the cd, I can't get enough of Christmas music. Have a great weekend! xo

  2. Gorgeous treasures. The safety pin tree is amazing. I love your home. x

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your safety pin tree!!! (I like the little baskets made that way too. ) The little wooden figures are super cute too!

  4. I agree with Pam, that tree is amazing. Wooden figures are always fab I can't resist them either. xx Katherine

  5. All cute. I love the little tree. Now I'm going to head to the thrift store. Blessings, Diane

  6. Wow how pretty is that Pink safety pin tree ;-) That is really lovely. I love wooden toys there just so traditional. Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  7. Wow, it looks all amazing!!

    Happy weekend!

  8. youre blog is always a happy place :-))
    i wish you a happy time with all those pretty things,

  9. I love that pink pin tree, it's awesome. You scored again!!!! It's official, you are the Goddess of Thrifting!!!
    Stay warm!!! It was 20 below up past the pass when I drove to the lake today. Thank goodness it's only 3 below at the house!! Burrrrrr....dreaming of warm sunny days!!! Boy if it keeps up, we are so going to earn a nice hot summer!!! LOL!!
    Chris :o)

  10. OMG that tree is so cute and I love the little dolls house presents, VB would try to open them all if she saw them!!

  11. LOVE all of it, especially that tree, it is totally ADORABLE! Your enthusiasm is infectious.....almost....I`m biding my time!
    I`ve had a rethink about the 'boots''s not a prerequisite that potential suitors wear them....I`m also partial to a Gucci Loafer or two!Have a great weekend, my Bonnie Friend. xxx

  12. Just came across your blog. Love it, love it, love it! I'll be back.

  13. Love your finds Heidi. The tree is my favourite!

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  14. I love the safety pin tree-so neat! You definitely found some treasures!

  15. Wow Heidi you have been a busy thrifter.
    Great finds. That safety pin Christmas tree is incredible. X from Australia.

  16. Oh what great finds you have done! WOnderful! Soon desember is here, and I cant wait to start decorating! Thak you for the greetings, it is so nice to get a comment from you. Btw, that man in the vintage chair is the Norwegian primeminister ;) Doenst look bad, right?! hehe.
    Have a good sunday,

    smiles from Oslo

  17. Love all your cute little treasures, especially the pin tree. But I must confess that I've been snooping around and your kitchen is so cozy and sweet that I don't want to leave!
    Real eye candy!

  18. wow the safety pin tree is amazing! Scarlett x

  19. Just a few days ago it seemed way to early to start decorating, but now... I need to go through my boxes and take inventory, stat! You have gotten a lovely start.

  20. Heidi oink oink away, you have such a great eye for the most amazing finds. Happy to play in the mud with you any day. Love Posie

  21. Reading your post on such a gloomy november monday has given me a lovely warm festive feel inside............that safety pin tree is incredible. x

  22. aaaaargh
    snow already
    and christmas
    moose in the garden
    and cheery knobs
    how much glitz
    can a gal take h


  23. The tree is fab! I’ve started getting bit and bobs out for christmas. :0)

    Lou xxx

  24. Love your finds, specially the safety pin Christmas tree. Your kitchen pic in the last post is awesome too.

  25. her blog is very nice, I landed here by accident and love their decoration and inspire me! Many greetings from Germany by angie

  26. I would decorate early too if I could get away with it!! I love all your little ornaments!! That safety pin tree is amazing!! XxxX

  27. that safety pins tree. so kitsch!! omg...!