Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy mid week.....

 Last night after a very busy day, I was watching Mimi ride her bike
in the yard and yes I was in my pajamas and to make it worse
a poncho when my neighbor lady pulled up and said Mimi we need to help Momma here 
with her fashion, then handed me a dozen roses for Mothers Day....they are so pretty!

Earlier on in the day we had an appt. with some people that I had never met before
and I had just come from getting my hair cut and you know feeling a little good
when she slammed me with congratulation on your new baby....
So the flowers were the perfect ending and
 I learned suck in my tummy and do some sit ups!!!!
 Mimi got her ears pierced almost 6 weeks ago so
for her Friday can't come soon enough....everyday she plans
which pair will make there debut first.
 Cupcakes are in the lead so far.....
 I helped my neighbor Carol with her Garage sale on Friday and Saturday
so These 2 spoons came from her late mothers collection....I can't wait to share
the rest of my treasures from piece of furniture has caused me to re-do the 
family and living room seating.....I'll share that next too.
change is always fun!

I love this picture from Dust Jacket's blog
Can you tell me what is the name of the cool pottery thats behind her?

I'm so sorry I have had a hard time getting around to all of you.....
next week slows down finally for me!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. LOVE those roses, but you did make me laugh. :)

  2. Your Mimi is so cute...I can't believe how grown up she is getting..such a sweetie pie! - I don't know who does that pottery but it's very interesting! xo

  3. your roses are beautiful, you definitely deserve them. your little mimi is just darling, love her choice of cupcake earrings. thought of you the other day, have you seen the new summer line of paper goods at ikea? it has your name written all over it.

    have a lovely day, my friend.

  4. Such a pretty photo of Mimmi. She looks very happy with her newly pierced ears :-).

    The roses look beautiful!

    Happy day!

    Madelief x

  5. You made me laugh... I love the picture of your daughter in the kitchen. Both are beautiful.
    Hug. Drude

  6. I love the earrings. Mimi has good taste! Beautiful roses too x

  7. Go the cupcakes, absolutely. Cannot wait to see what you have found! melx

  8. I have a thing for cupcake earrings, although mine are made of fimo! These look so cute!! Also, the Paris spoon is to die for! Happy Thursday!

  9. Hej Heidi, Mimi is a pretty young lady. Lovely earrings.
    Wonderful roses. Have a nice day, lieve groetjes

  10. I'm anxious to see what treasure you bought from your neighbor's sale. I also struggle with time to get around to all the blog's I love to follow. Some weeks are better than others. You are one of my favorites!

  11. Hi! Wonderful roses and such a beautiful young lady!
    About the pottery, I´m quite sure it´s Jonathan Adler :-))
    And if Im not mistaken, he´s from the U.S?
    All my best to you!!

  12. Hello again!
    Check out this link to Jonathan Adlers onlineshop:

    And there you have your pottery. And as I always say to my husband when I find something really expensive: "At least I have good taste!" :-)))

  13. Happy mid week to you too my friend. What a sweetpea you have there. Hugs.

  14. I bet the cupcakes will win on Friday! I love Adlers work. His interior is in a modern vintage interior book - the name of the book escapes me! Some of his work is not too expensive.. maybe next year!

  15. Love your roses Heidi, what a sweet friend you have!!!! Now I know what to bring Mimi on my next visit...earrings!!!! Can't wait to see your other finds!
    Chris :o)

  16. What a great neighbor lady you have, and your daughter, she's so pretty. The cupcake earrings would be my favorites too. Your house looks so cosy and colorful. Have a nice day.
    Regards, Annet

  17. Wauw these things are all so gorgeous! What a lovely child :)

  18. ouch, don't you just hate that! Why do people feel the need to say such things? how lovely to receive some beautiful flowers to cheer you up, even though you were in your pj's.

    India would love the cupcake earrings, they are really cute, so too is Mimi. Enjoy your week, Tam x

  19. Oh, people can be so thoughtless sometimes. I'm sure you look lovely just the way you are. I think the cupcakes will look very cute on Mimi. Have a wonderful weekend!

  20. Hi, I saw your comment on another blog, and liked your name, so came to check out your blog. Beautiful! Your photographs are fabulous, so bright and clear. Happy to be a new follower!

  21. Such a sweet neighbor friend - the roses are beautiful, and look perfect in your home. And of course, Mimi looks adorable! :)
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend & Mother's Day!!!

  22. Pajamas and a poncho - you are my fashion guru!

    Your daughter is so sweet - I'll bet she chooses the cupcakes. Lovely roses, lovely post!

  23. Gorgeous yellow roses!
    Your post made me laugh, poor Heidi!Love the pretty vintage spoons, look forward to seeing your other treasures from here and your transformed living room.

    Mimi must be so excited having her ears pierced - so grown-up.
    Have a great weekend Heidi!

    Gill xx

  24. Slowing down?? What's that?? I've hardly had time to even remember what blogs are this year, least I'm not the only one I guess. Congrats on the baby...

    just kidding :)

  25. you daughter is beautiful...and will look beautiful in any earing she chooses!
    good for you for the thoughtful!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    have a great day!!