Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coffee or Tea?

 I just remembered I never finished sharing a few of the changes in the living room
after I had moved the couch down to the family room.....
 I purchased this sweet little vase....
 The living room has more space and flow with the couch moved out.....
Remember my search for the perfect teapot well a friend found this
fun vintage coffee set at a yard the search for my big teapot
goes on but I'm now ready for a coffee break!
I loved it....

Kids are out of school now and they have already gone swimming in the lake
I guess summer has arrived!!


  1. What??? Isn't that lake extremely cold??? ;-)

  2. let's here it for summer! love your new coffee set, and i hope you find the perfect teapot soon, my friend.


  3. Hello!
    I'm squealing with pleasure - especially about the first pic.
    And Coffee, please.


  4. I really liked the elements from your first picture. Your sidetable would be perfect with me ;).

  5. i've never ever seen such a beautiful little rounded cabinet- oh its just soooooo sweet ;0)...i love the colours , the framed pictures and all the furnishings...perfect place for tea, can i come?? xx

  6. I just love seeing your beautiful home. I can't get enough of it. Seriously!

  7. Whaaaat, swimming in the lake???!!! Are you serious, it must warm up fast up there...That's amazing.

    Now that I'm over that shock I will wish you a very happy holiday weekend! xo

  8. Nice... I like your room, very cosy! It's extremely warm here, the lake is the best solution at the moment. Have a wonderful weekend, greetings diana

  9. Love your living room, so homey and comfortable looking.

  10. Already swimming in the lake?! Heidi, you must be joking ;O)….isn't it not freezing cold water in there?!! Oh dear,..
    Wish you a very nice weekend in the summer ;o)

  11. Did you happen to notice your sweet little vase has the shape of my Thurday's Show and Tell Fenton vase? I wonder if your vase is also a Fenton. The rocking chair looks very comfy!

  12. So many nice things. I love the coffeset.
    Have a good weekend.
    Hug. drude

  13. I like the cushion in the top picture.

  14. I bet that was a cold swim! Your house is always lovely and it looks so pretty with this move. Good saying hi to you yesterday through Bean. Diane

  15. that side table is seriously amazing!
    im sure there is a good story behind it

    xo the egg out west.

  16. Wow it doesn't seem like 5 mins ago that you were up to ears so to speak in snow ;-) Your children are growing up in a wonderful place they have so much natural freedom its lovely. The weather here is gorgeous and warm this week im praying it will last its lovely. Your home is looking gorgeous as always. Enjoy your weekend, dee x

  17. What a lovely living room, I just love how you have decorated it.
    Enjoy your cups of coffee in your new pretty coffee set :)
    Magie x

  18. What a lovely little corner in the first picture! I love the butterflies!

  19. That coffee pot is stupendous. I do wish we had garage sales and thrift shops here!

  20. Kids are swimming there already?!! I didn't think it'd ever be warm enough there to swim!! Loving the coffee set.xx.

  21. Lovely living room! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for the birthday wishes :)Have a great weekend!

    Sandy xou

  22. Thats a great yard sale coffee cute, I can see why you like it!! Your living room looks great....mine looks exactly the same LOL!!!
    Chris :o)