Friday, May 4, 2012

A little green..... Happy Weekend!

Again where did this week go.... 
 I took these photos a few days ago and they have grown even more
since then......they are going to be a mystery until later
because I forgot to mark what growing in which pot......oh well!
 Look no snow......soon to be green!
Its exciting after seeing so much snow for months on end!
 Coffee the only way to start ones day.....
I can't wait to show you my new Starbucks mug from lands far away!
I'm so ready to see flowers.....
the fresh veggies will be nice too!

Happy Weekend to all of you!


  1. From white to green, no wonder you crave some colour.

  2. Those pots of colour look so cute, I can wait to see what's in them :)
    Have a happy weekend yay xxxxxx

  3. I can't wait , I meant to say not can ;)

  4. YOUR TABLE!!!!! I love it! :-)
    So glad to see your snow has FINALLY disappeared and also very happy to hear you're coming this way in August: we will be here! :-)

  5. Cute post. Not knowing what is growing where, will just add to the excitment! I would have done it on purpose! Love katie xx

  6. Love your little shoots they are in such pretty containers. Lol I have dont that before forgot to mark out what I have in each pot. Adds to the anticipation I think.

    Wahey! no snow I did hear a rumour that we might get some this weekend. I hope not that would be awful! It is supposed to be spring now. Come on sun where are you?

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    P x

  7. Levely spring photos. And I love the blue boxes under here.
    Have a nice weekend you too.
    Hug, Drude

  8. Love all your cheerful pots of mystery plants - what fun!! Veggies in the flower border, cabbages with the roses.....
    Its also what my husband does when he is let loose in the greenhouse, we will have "name this plant" sessions too!!

    Have a lovely weekend Heidi!

  9. Heidi
    Oh, you are getting closer to having a garden with your pottings! I'll be glad to see all the snow gone too.

  10. Fun post Heidi, your pots look so cheerful!!!! David and I are working on our greenhouse this weekend, we have to dismantle it then put it back together.......another project!!! Those project never seem to end LOL!!!
    Chris :o)

  11. Nice photos. I can imagine that you choose for a lot of color waiting for some nice springwheather. Good luck with your mystery plants.
    Have a nice weekend. Regards, Annet

  12. These look so pretty. I absolutely love the colourful pots x

  13. Hej Heidi, what a nice pots do you have for the greenery.
    It will be a nice surprise.
    Have a nice weekend, lieve groetjes

  14. It will be a nice surprise! As much as I dream of snow, I can imagine it must be so wonderful when spring arrives & everything is bright and cheery again! x

  15. It will be a nice surprise! As much as I dream of snow, I can imagine it must be so wonderful when spring arrives & everything is bright and cheery again! x

  16. As I have been told, flowers in Alaska during the summer are the most vividly colored due to all of the sunlight.
    I've never even thought about what it would be like to grow a vegetable garden there! I hope you enjoy the sun's rays and the beautiful green surroundings...I can only imagine how excited you are to have the snow behind you!

    Bon weekend,

  17. Bright, cheerful and springy post Heidi. Diane

  18. Hi....I'm laughing because I also forgot to mark some of mine. Oh well, it puts a little mystery in life!

  19. beautiful planter pots.
    i'm jealous!! ;)))
    oh, and that dramatic landscape of yours... jeez.

  20. Helloo Heidi!
    I've been in London since Monday...childless and carefree...
    Haven't stopped by any bloggs in a looong while. Isn't it great no snow, but parts of the UK are forecast SNOW and -10 freezing winds...crazy! I'm heading back to Sweden, where I hope the snow has all gone too. Your enamel tables is GORGEOUS and how exciting with all the mystery potted seedlings! Your garden is going to be absolutely delightful if your interior styling sets the standard.

  21. I agree about the coffee. I loved looking at all the things you have started, I have to get out this weekend and get some seeds in the garden. It's a little cool out so I just don't feel motivated today! Thanks so much for the very nice comment you left on my blog. Today is Hailey's birthday and she is coming over for a little visit while her daddy goes shopping for a gift. I'm sure we'll have fun in our new room!

  22. Love it all,today I was working in the garden,wish it was my work,it`s so nice to do,wishing you a fine week,greetings Musje.

  23. Love all your colourful plant pots.
    Debbie x

  24. Hello, love your header, really cheerful. My seeds are coming along nicely too - the sunflowers and leek atleast, forgot to mark the other pots ;). Have spent the day shoveling manure for the garden, in pouring rain! Thank goodness for the bathtub afterwards. Have a great week, pam

  25. Iam so envious of everyone else's weather! it is so hot and humid here that the whole country is praying for rain. beautiful pictures.