Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thrift Treasures Part Two

 I loved these vanity jars that I found last Friday at a yard sale....
 Along with this little blue dish and travel case.......It had been my neighbors mothers
and knowing that it had been Marge's means even more to me.
 this sweet little head vase.
 I loved this tray, how cute is she!
 I found this candle holder, which I can see having a new life
in red, maybe blue!
 I picked this up for the cute white frame
 but the collage is kind of growing on me......
 I found this vintage dress for a $1

 This lovely old bucket.....
And last but not least this lovely milk glass hobnail dish
with this silver plated coffee container.....It looks so pretty with
my enamelware.

Today I went for a walk with a friend and we ran into moose, moose, more moose.
right now with the trees just starting to bud  they blend in so well.
They didn't give us any trouble I just wished I had brought my camera.

Hope your week is full of sunny weather and happy meetings!

I'm playing along today over at
Ivy and Elephants
Een sneller kloppend hart


  1. running into moose would still be a bit disconcerting for me! whether they're friendly right now or not! :)

  2. You always find the best things...I think I will come and do some thrifting with you some day, that would be so much fun! My favorite of your finds is the silver-plated coffee container. -- Have a great week. xo

  3. Hello...I love the candle holder....very nice white hobnail dish. I have a small vase that would match your dish. Too bad we don't live closer together, because I would promptly make it a gift to you!

  4. Like I keep saying, you are the goddess of thrift!!!! I love the jars, the tray, the picture, and the coffee container!!!! Wow, wow, and wow!!!!
    Chris :o)

  5. ooooooooh i do love your treasures, catching up on your beautiful posts- always so much colour and thrifty joy ;0)xx

  6. Lots of lovely finds there! Look forward to seeing the made over candle holder, blue or red bet it will look gorgeous!

    Love the little collage tray too.

    P x

  7. Super finds! Love the coffee container!

  8. You have sooo many lovely vintage things, I'm swooning!
    I remember seeing my mother wearing a pinstripe dress just like your find. It's my favorite.
    I'm new here, but soon, will return. Your finds have captured my heart.

  9. Brilliant treasures!
    Just loving the tray with its pretty picture, and love that galvanised bucket too!
    Sounds like an exciting walk - the only wildlife we come across on our country rambles are rabbits!!
    Happy day to you!

    Gill xx

  10. So lovely things! I love! Have a happy day!

  11. Oh, how pretty - and your enamelware in the last photo is just wonderful! Do you mind me asking what the going rate is in the US for those French enamel utensil holders? I keep waiting for one to fall within my price-range over here, but it hasn't happened yet...

  12. I love all the things. I'm glad I didn't meet the moos......
    Hug, Drude

  13. Wow, those were some great treasures, I love everything and would love to have a collection of head vases.


  14. What great luck you had at the sales!!


  15. Gorgeous treasures,love those little head vases.

  16. we're off thrifting ourselves today, heidi!
    i'll sure encouter a handful of heidi's along the way, never fails.

  17. Wow......what a lot of beautiful thrift treasures.

  18. Oh, so many neat finds!!
    Your so brave-I love to
    see moose from a distance, but I
    might panic if I ever saw one close up!

  19. OH my goodness how did i miss this post. What gorgeous finds. I adore those vanity trinket boxs wow those are so delicate and so pretty. And how wonderful to recieve the vanity case from your neigbour you will treasure that i can see its gorgeous. And so is that vintage dress. dee x