Friday, April 27, 2012

Bright lights, Big City?

 I wanted to share some of the pictures I took last Friday
 on my journey to the Big city.....
 It was a beautiful day......
 Look at that calm water.

 Anchorage I would not say is a beautiful city.....
 It does have a few charming spots though....
but you do have to look
for them!
Here are a few treasures I found.....
Love the yellow cameo $1.50
couldn't believe it.....

It hit 60 degrees yesterday, it was so beautiful....
I hope your having amazing weather also!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So busy....busy, busy....

 I can't believe its been a week.....
since my last post.....
 I went to Anchorage last Friday and took some pictures,
its fun to see Alaska through someone elses eyes.....
 You can be on the same 2 1/2 hour drive and see new things.
Cory has been on his 6th grade trip he will be back tonight
the house has been so quiet with out him.
I have been with Phil working for the last three weeks
which is coming to an end this week..... 
Our poor house will be glad to have me back 
as will George!

I can't wait to see what you have all been up to!

Almost all of our snow is gone

Yippee Skippee..

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Color COLOR color.......Thrifted!

 Mimi and I are starting a little garden......I found these colorful pots
in town and we got our seeds planted last night and we are ready for a little color!
 I found these pretty little napkins.....ready for a lunch date or dinner.
 Here are my garage sale and thrift finds.....I love these colorful vintage mugs
they will be perfect for a camping trip!
 This old platter and I remember in restaurants years ago
 they would bring hot water out in these for your tea.
I'm using it everyday.....
 Is this cross stitch or needle point it was professionally framed
I thought it was so sweet and Mimi loved her!
 So we hung her on the wall with other thrifted treasures.....
Speaking of no color this is a Spruce hen 
there were 2 of them waddling through the yard.
I'm always amazed how close they will let you get to them.

I hope your week has been sunny and bright....

I'm playing along here today ....join in!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

We went on an adventure....with hidden treasures!

The spur of the moment we were asked to go with some friends
 to their remote cabin.
(this is not the cabin this was the treasure)
stay tuned
Its down a trail almost 10 cell phones.
Mimi was so excited to be riding with her favorite.....
We arrived at the lake, so quiet and peaceful
 there was a pair of trumpeter swans.
They were always blurry when I zoomed in with my camera.

There were 3 beaver dams.
this was the bathroom...and she said if you prefer there was a 5 gallon bucket
 so Mimi and I went together and grabbed the bucket
there at the bottom was a dead frozen mouse.....we decided to find trees
you know what a mouse does to me....I was alert let me tell you!
The lake in the morning....
We all went for a long walk in the morning
 because in the distance when we were coming in I had spotted
an abandoned cabin or what looked like one
in Alaska you never know.

this was one of the cabins

Just look at all these lovely old windows....
Beautiful wood stoves....
You could see at one time this was a homesteaders home
I could not look in the windows because of the snow
 so I just pressed my camera up to the window.
This window the snow was higher look at that lovely embroidered tablecloth.
This woman was such a picture taker this was a camera hold up......
She is so lovely!
My boys were so excited to target practice.

It was so nice to say yes to an invitation we usually say no
and work....we have to make memories and
  discover hidden treasures.
Our kids are growing up so fast.....

On the way home we hit a garage sale....
can't wait to show you my little find!

Friday, April 13, 2012


 First, thank you so much Diane for the lovely tags
they are works of art and the sweet little magnet!!
Check out her amazing blog....
 I have been playing with my Mimi for 2 days now. 
The nurse called on Wednesday and said my princess was a bit
under the I went to get her!
Lets just say she adores the nurse!
 So we baked animal cookies, are dough was suppose to be light pink....
 Then she set up a clothing store in the living room.....
George was too tired to play!
 Then we went for a walk in search of birds.
 The lake is looking slushy....
 As you can see we still have lots of snow.....
But it is melting fast!
 No birds....
Just Mr Moose he found a nice snow free patch of dirt in the sun!
This little stinker found himself a better home for the last 2 weeks I was
starting to worry about him and then he was back!

Sorry I'm a little behind visiting all of you.....
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My First...and the beginning of it all...

 I think I may have been 19 or 20 at the time I was on a trip and
walked into a antique store and this picture was hanging 
for $ was love at first sight!
I use to dream how the inside of this home was decorated....
 Its just so peaceful and romantic looking by the sea.

So from this painting started my great love of all thing old
you wonder what the previous owner thought of it......
who she or he was...thats the beauty of old and tattered things they all have a great story 
to tell.....I remember I tried to walk right on the plane with this picture under
my arm....thats a whole other story!

Today I'm playing along here, here and here!
come join in on the fun.....