Friday, April 13, 2012


 First, thank you so much Diane for the lovely tags
they are works of art and the sweet little magnet!!
Check out her amazing blog....
 I have been playing with my Mimi for 2 days now. 
The nurse called on Wednesday and said my princess was a bit
under the I went to get her!
Lets just say she adores the nurse!
 So we baked animal cookies, are dough was suppose to be light pink....
 Then she set up a clothing store in the living room.....
George was too tired to play!
 Then we went for a walk in search of birds.
 The lake is looking slushy....
 As you can see we still have lots of snow.....
But it is melting fast!
 No birds....
Just Mr Moose he found a nice snow free patch of dirt in the sun!
This little stinker found himself a better home for the last 2 weeks I was
starting to worry about him and then he was back!

Sorry I'm a little behind visiting all of you.....
Happy Weekend!


  1. I do hope your Mimi gets all well soon. - Your photos are so nice...everything looks so bright. Have a great weekend! xo

  2. glad your moose is still nearby, even if he is finding other accommodations! :)

  3. Moose taking a catnap I presume.

  4. Hope Mimi feels better soon, how lucky she has lovely George to keep her company - he looks so like Logan at the moment with his lovely warm coat! Although Logan does need a cut soon...
    Thankyou for sharing the photos - its always cheerful to catch a glimpse of your bright home!
    Hope you have a great weekend Heidi, and thanks for visiting me this week!
    Gill xx

  5. I´m happy to see that spring is coming along. It´s as always a joy to see your beautifil pictures.
    And stinker... LOL!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh, these owl pillow looks great!!
    …and now spring is coming to you…lucky you ;o)….and Mr. Moose….fine that he's coming back to your place!

  7. You have a beautiful home and your surroundings are so beautiful too. Hope Mimi is feeling better soon. Nothing worse than your children being unwell x

  8. I love your photos! Have a nice weekend!

  9. ramble on, heidi and all the best!

  10. Gorgeous pics as always Heidi, so much coklour in a sea of white.xx.

  11. Nice to see moose again.
    Lovely photo's.I do hope Mimi get well for the weekend.
    Have a nice weekend, lieve groet

  12. Gorgeous pictures, what a beautiful place to live! Hope your Mimi is better now..x

  13. Gorgeous pictures, what a beautiful place to live! Hope your Mimi is better now..x

  14. Hope your daugther is feeling better. Love your pictures!

  15. What fun. It looks like it's warmer there than it has been. You're welcome, glad you liked the stuff! Diane