Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday......Friday Flowers!

 A girlfriend asked if I could have a use for this trunk....
I adore the fabric!
 She also brought me this lovely bouquet of flowers.......
such a sweet treat!
 This is what I ended up doing with my birds in the dining room for Easter....
 I'll pop a pink candle in for the special day and probably burn the birds up knowing me
I drive Phil crazy with candles.....
I still have to iron my tablecloth.....

Good Friday service tonight!

Hope your week went well, I still have to buy my Easter candy
you know you can't have that stuff in the house to early!


  1. love the flowers. happy easter to you and yours. :)

  2. Birdies look great on the candle holder!
    Have a good evening.

  3. I adore the trunk too! Also what lovely flowers and the birds are just beautiful! A lovely Easter display! Have a great weekend xx

  4. Happy Good Friday to you and your family Heidi!!!!!
    Have a wonderful all the cute little birdies!!
    Chris :o)

  5. Cute birdies!

    Happy Easter to you Heidi...
    Lou xxx

  6. I love all of your happy, bright photos and my favorite is what you did with your birds in the dining room, pretty and fun! Wishing you and your family a very blessed Easter! xo

  7. Lovely decorations! I love where the birds have landed in the dining room. They look perfect there. Gorgeous pink tulips too. I hope you and your family enjoys a very joyful and blessed Easter.


  8. The birds look perfect in the shabby chic wall sconce - hope you dont burn them!
    Beautiful flowers, and I love the blanket box - floral fabcic is lovely, ansd what a kind friend!
    Happy Easter Heidi!

    Gill xx

  9. So nice bouquet of flowers given to you by your friend :)
    Enjoy your Easter!
    Hugs from Jane

  10. Happy Easter. Nice tulips, they are my favorite flowers.
    Regards, Annet

  11. Have a lovely easter, Heidi :o)

  12. We would call your trunk a 'Lloyd Loom Ottoman' over here - they're very collectable and I love the material on yours. I also love your eye for really know how to put the look together...clever girl.
    Have a Joyous Easter Heidi, filled with chocolatey goodness. x