Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A treasure or two I happened upon.....

Hope your all having a great week so far......
 Is my little dog here a planter or a cracker tray.....the lady 
at the thrift store said he was a cracker tray?
I just think he's adorable.
This vintage hand made dress I picked up for a friend for $2 
Yes were already planning our next Mad Men party.....can't wait!
 It has so many lovely details that don't show up in its wrinkled
condition......I'm going to let her dry clean it....
 I found these pretty cookies at target....
as I get older its the little things I get most excited about!

Are you entertaining this Easter? 

Do you have any special traditions?

I love watching my kids sleepy little faces when they
first wake up and see the little eggs laying around the house and
the hunt begins......then getting all dressed up and heading off to hear the wonderful message!

This year Phil's birthday lands on Easter so the kids and I are 
plotting something nice for him....


  1. my sister in wisconsin has that dachshund. she uses him as a cactus planter. :)

  2. Hi Heidi,

    Your dresses look great and at such a bargain price! It must be fun having a Mad Men party. If I lived near you I would have loved to join you :-). There is something about vintage parties!

    I hope you will have lots of fun this weekend! Happy birthday to Phil too!!

    Lieve groet,

    Madelief x

  3. Great vintage finds Heidi!
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

    Gill xx

  4. Lovely finds - I'm very taken with that frog, personally! We heard our first frog of the springtime at the weekend... Happy Birthday to Phil - what a great day to celebrate! My dad's birthday is tomorrow and my BIL and SIL (on different sides of the family) celebrate around the Easter weekend this year, too. For us, we'll be saving the egg hunt (yes, they are 13 and 14) until we get back from church - we have an early start as the 13 year old is in his first ever youth group drama and needs to get there in time for a rehearsal.

  5. PS thank you for your encouraging comments, too!

  6. Treasures indeed. Wonderful

  7. The dresses are so nice!! Happy Weekend!! Enjoy the church (I'm going too, to hear the most wonderful message!) and the birthday of Phil!

  8. Wonderful that a baby chick with a bubushka scarf? It is so cute!

  9. love your finds, heidi. that pretty floral vintage dress is to-die-for! i love everything about easter, and wish i had a little more time this year to put all my plans into action.

    happiest of birthday wishes to mr. phil.

  10. The dog looks like a planter to me...I don't think that crackers would fit well in it. - Love your 'Mad Men' dresses the party will be fun. - We are all going to Easter service and then on to our Son and daughter-in-laws to have the big egg hunt and then brunch! - Happy Birthday to your Phil! xo

  11. I love your green glassware and that vaseline! I have a froggie similar to yours. That looks like it will be a fun dress for your next 50's party!

  12. Cute finds, I like the little Easter chick and the little dachshund is adorable! The dress is just lovely, I am sure your friend will be really pleased with it.
    Have a Happy Easter x

  13. Heidi, wishing you & your family peace, love & much happiness this Easter time.
    On Easter Sunday my parents will join us for a roast lunch & chocolate egg swapping.

  14. I love your vintage dress finds! Totally charming and what a great price!
    We have a couple of Easter traditions: My mom always makes Amelia a beautiful Easter dress each year, and I create an Easter basket for Amelia- usually from a vintage basket that I paint to match her dress.
    Of course, we go to church and always look forward to seeing the song "Christ Arose."
    May you and your family have a blessed Easter day.


  15. Easter is my favorite holiday! It became even more special to me and my family after the 1964 earthquake. The earthquake started 15 minutes after we left the JC Pennys building. My mother had wanted to get me a new Easter dress, but I kept insisting that I did not need one. We were so blessed...since the girls department was destroyed and fell into the street. Since then our Easter traditions always include not buying a dress.
    When my kids became teenagers we would hide one dollar bills as part of their Easter egg search. They absolutely loved this.
    God Bless you all this Easter and best wishes to Phil!!!
    Chris :o)

  16. Love the 'cracker' puppy- i hope you are planning on serving crackers in him! Butter would be fun too. Either way he is a smile maker! Funny about Easter- my daughter called from college and said something about not having a basket because she was at school. You should of heard the excitment in her 19yr old voice when I told her she would always have a basket!! So sweet.

  17. oh there you are!!!! I was wondering where you went!!!! You were probably wondering where I went too. aka cranberry cottage/pink satin sashes....ya we can connect again!

  18. Hi! So lovely finds! Happy Easter!

  19. What fun...we always eat those blossom cookies in the spring...we love them! Happy Easter to you my friend. xoxox

  20. Again - Pretty pictures:-) We are celebrating birthday for easter this year, and enjoy spending time with our kids:-)

  21. Great colors and OHHH I love the dresses!!

    Happy Easter!

    Huggs, Veronique

  22. the stretched dog, well, stretched. it's his speciality, innit..? if i were to find this in a shop, i'd be tempted.
    yes, deffo. flowers on his back... who'd want to pluck nibbles off of a dog's back anyway.. just saying. ;)