Friday, April 27, 2012

Bright lights, Big City?

 I wanted to share some of the pictures I took last Friday
 on my journey to the Big city.....
 It was a beautiful day......
 Look at that calm water.

 Anchorage I would not say is a beautiful city.....
 It does have a few charming spots though....
but you do have to look
for them!
Here are a few treasures I found.....
Love the yellow cameo $1.50
couldn't believe it.....

It hit 60 degrees yesterday, it was so beautiful....
I hope your having amazing weather also!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Thank you for the breathtaking shots. Just beautiful.

  2. beautyfull! What a nice country you life in!


  3. i'd have rushed back out of the city to those water/mountain views. wow!

  4. What a beautiful backdrop for your trip to the city! That cameo was such a steal, wow!

    You have a great weekend full of all sorts of happy things. xo

  5. OH MY WORD.....what beautiful scenery. It took my breath away! What lovely treasure too you came home with! he he!

    Have a beautiful weekend!


  6. WOW that is breathtaking scenery! I can almost smell the fresh air. I love the things you bought, I love the dotty dress / shirt.

  7. What beauty of nature!! If I lived in the country there you would have to pry me with a crow bar to go to any city!! LOL!!
    Have a Great Weekend!!

  8. Marvelous photos. I had to scan very old pictures of my time in Anchorage.

  9. Wow oh Wow oh Wow that first photo is amazing and stunning it took my breath away. You live in one of the most beautiful area's of the world i love seeing it all its such a contrast to here. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  10. OMG love that green bag. Are you selling it? I'll come by Monday to pick it up!!!
    Beautiful scenery, interesting architecture in Anchorage.
    Have a great

  11. oh anchorage, anchored down in anchorage.
    for fear of sounding a ittle cheezy, although it's one heck of a poetic song still, after all these years..!
    thank you so much for the mountain and lake pictures! they are stunning. love the format you have shown them in, they are worth it to be bold and big.
    so you enjoyed yourself then?

  12. Wow, those are some 'knock your socks off' views!
    I've been meeting a lot of folks traveling either from Ancorage or to there now that I'm here on the Alaskan Hwy.
    Nice thrift store finds too!

  13. Your photos are incrediable....They are the kinds you see in travel brochures!

  14. Hi!
    Thank you for taking us on this nice trip through your country; it looks beautiful!
    Funny to watch these pictures of those snowy mountains in my little house here in the flat dutch polder!
    greetings fleur!

  15. Gorgeous photos of snowcapped mountains, nothing like that round here. We have bucketing rain ( again) and the school fete tomorrow. Aaaargh! melx

  16. Yes it looks to be a bleak place, but obvs. some fab scenery on the way. Wonder what you got up to there.xx.

  17. Wow. Wow! Wow!!! It's gorgeous where you are. :)
    Temps are cooler here, but slowly warming up.
    Have a great weekend!

  18. Such beauty in the snow covered mountains and the still sparkle of the water. Gorgeous! I love what you found while in the city.


  19. We are so lucky to live in Paradise!

  20. I agree with you, this city is not so good ..... But every place has its charm :)
    Incredibly beautiful nature pictures you have taken since!
    Wish you a nice weekend on, and thanks for all the nice comments you leave with me :) :)

    Hugs from Jane

  21. Beautiful landscape pictures Heidi. xx

  22. Lovely! I like your green purse and the polka dot top :)

  23. I love the pictures and the clothe, jewel and bag great pictures and great finds!Nice week, Catherine

  24. Stunning scenery. I'll make do with your photos, the weather in the UK thinks its winter.

  25. The lake looks amazing Heidi. Those colours!!!! Love the green bag and your polka dot blouse too.

    Happy new week!

    madelief x

  26. Your pictures of the mountains are so beautiful! LOVE your treasures too, gorgeous..x

  27. What stunning day I would love to visit your beautiful State. Sending you love for your week. xoxoxo

  28. What amazing photographs and such stunning scenery.
    Hugs Debbie x

  29. Your pics are beautiful. I love your cameo and you were lucky to get it at such a bargain price. Wishing you lots of sunshine this week! xxx

  30. It looks very calm and beautiful, but... cold too!!! Love your blouse and handbag, gorgeous the green and red together!
    Hugs, Elly

  31. Hi. Love your blog. Lovely pictures. I like to be a follover.
    Hug, Drude from Norway.

  32. Oh man! Stunning images. xx

  33. You are the goddess of thrift!!! Did you find the green handbag as well, its beautiful!!
    Chris :o)