Sunday, September 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Emilia.....

 Miss Mimi turned 9 years old yesterday. 
Carol baked her a Barbie cake and came over for dinner.
 We baked cupcakes to take to school Friday for her
and I forgot to take a picture.....Every year I have taken a picture
its kind of a tradition we started and I totally spaced this year.

Too many things going on I guess, Its going to be a busy busy year.

Love, Heidi

Friday, September 20, 2013

Its been a while.....

 I don't know where the time has gone in the last few weeks.....
 I saw this tree on Pinterest a couple of years ago
 you may remember me posting about it.
Well when I started preschool I knew it would be perfect
to hang the kids artwork from it.
 So we went through the scrap wood pile and created this,
I love the end result......thank you, Phil.
 One little boy said we need a squirrel....I'm on the hunt!
 Cory had a birthday this week, He's going to have a birthday party
coming up but we celebrated going out to dinner and Carroll baked him a 
Goofy cake and brought it over on Monday.
Which was so sweet!
What a precious young man we have....

I thought I would share the original, I can't believe how simple this was
30 minutes start to finish.....laying it out was the most time consuming part!

I can't wait to catch up 
take care,

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Estate Sale Treasures....

 I fell in love with these posters from the 50's.....
 Have any of you heard of him?

 How could I pass up these polka dot glasses
 Or this little bottle....
 They had an amazing book collection,
this was my favorite.

While I love getting the estate all ready for the sale and
spending time with friends at the same time.
I'm glad its over and I can just focus on 
pre school, it was hard juggling both the last two weeks.

Its so much fun getting to know the kids, 
they are adorable!

I hope your all doing well and your weather is holding
in the summer pattern...... 
I'm afraid Fall weather is in full swing up here!

Take care,