Monday, April 29, 2013

Always Inspired......

 I found a fountain of Inspiration here
Anthropologie's pinterest.
 Love this outfit!
 Vintage done right....
 Pattern on pattern.....
 Best window shopping ever.....

Details, details.....

Have a great week,

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Silly Moose, you forgot your purse......

 I'm not sure of the source of this picture, I'll have to ask my friend
I found it on her Facebook page this morning and it made me smile
so I thought I'd share.....
The moose are everywhere right now,
 so on my way to a friends house the other day I
stopped to snap up this little guys picture
along with what spring in Alaska looks like right now
yuck, right?
of course if you have a mountain in the back ground 
anythings beautiful.....

Have a great week!

I'm sorry I didn't get around to visiting this week much
we lost our internet for a few days....
how did we made it before without it,
I often wonder?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rambling On.......

 Our winter project is coming to an end,
we are down to just a few loose ends on the house we built.
(Phil built)
I should say.....and I'm sad to be almost done, its been so much
fun working with the homeowner.
I promise to share pictures!
 Moving on, Do any of you know what kind of pears these are?
I bought them at Cosco, threw the bag away and realized
how yummy they are.....crunchy like an apple
but a pear and small in size?
 Mr Milo relaxing......
 Mimi sporting her new purchase from Claire's, cute little fake glasses.
I started the beginning of April taking Jeremy first, then Cory and finishing up with Mimi
on Tuesday going to Anchorage alone on a date day with them.
I should have done this years ago, it was so special and they loved it.
 It was fun to have the one on one time with them.
I dragged each one of them through one thrift store, 
Cory was so cute, he picked a gold jacket to try on and I thought he was joking
but he was serious....and Mimi found this stuffed horse, 
which we rescued, named Black Beauty and brought home with us!
 Our snow is melting but as you can see we still have quite a bit....

 Check out my lovely new Starbucks mugs....
someday I need a cabinet to display them, 
I love there new line.
Thank you again!

Poor sad Jerry he has lost his freedom as he is now contained
to his 75 foot dog run.....he's getting used to it.
This is is favorite tree, he loves to sit on the boys archery target. 
He still looks longingly out the living room window
as the cars pass wishing he could chase there tires.....

I hope you have all had a great week so far,
almost the weekend!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

My first of the year.......

 I went to my first garage sale of the season a few weeks ago with a friend
and of course I have no idea what I'll do with them, but I loved these baskets
for a $1
 I found some vintage tablecloths to add to my collection
this was my favorite......
 I loved this horse painting......
 Look at this amazing work of art.......
a friend gave me.
 It reminds me of an Anthropologie work of art.
I have to ask, Mr Milo our new cat
has become part of our family.
George and Milo love to play and chase each other....
The only thing that drives me crazy about Milo is
every morning I come down to find all my vases empty
of flowers......someone said if you have a planter with grass growing
in it they leave the house plants alone.....
any tips?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Prom Night......

 This Saturday was prom......
 They made such a cute couple......
He was so cute getting ready!
 Carol did such a great job with the flowers.
 It seems like yesterday they were all still in elementary school.
 Mimi had fun at promenade watching all the pretty dresses.....
it was a masquerade theme evening!
After the dance he chatted all the way home,
he had such a nice time.

Do you guys remember prom?
I had to fish out my old prom picture for Mimi to see
oh my how the dresses have changed
in the last 27 years, I couldn't believe it had been that long ago.....

Friday, April 12, 2013

I'm Still Here......

 I Don't know where the time went......over a month flew by.
One highlight was,
 I was invited to go to the Atwood mansion estate sale.
My friend and I both went with the intention that we wouldn't 
find anything in our price range but it would be fun just to look 
at everything.......Her decorating was definitely inspired by her travels.
The original oil paintings started at $50,000......but this sweet poster
was hanging down on the garage wall and when I asked about
he looked at me and said you can have it if you want it.....
I love the little birds nest in his hat!
 Heres a picture of one of the formal rooms....there 
were some lovely pieces but I preferred the downstairs
late 60's- 70's style.....
 My purchase was these three decanters for $10 each
I loved them, the Bourbon was full and silly me went and dumped it down the drain
the Bourbon was worth more than the bottle I'm sure, oh well!

 This brooch I'm still dreaming about...he was only $2,900
He had 13 diamonds, sapphire eyes
so beautiful! 
One of the other funky pieces was this.....
it was huge and at $850 a little over my range also
just slightly.....

I can't wait to see what you have all been busy with
I missed you guys.....
and thank you again for all your lovely comments!

p.s. heres a link all about the Atwood family