Sunday, April 14, 2013

Prom Night......

 This Saturday was prom......
 They made such a cute couple......
He was so cute getting ready!
 Carol did such a great job with the flowers.
 It seems like yesterday they were all still in elementary school.
 Mimi had fun at promenade watching all the pretty dresses.....
it was a masquerade theme evening!
After the dance he chatted all the way home,
he had such a nice time.

Do you guys remember prom?
I had to fish out my old prom picture for Mimi to see
oh my how the dresses have changed
in the last 27 years, I couldn't believe it had been that long ago.....


  1. Hello Heidi , so lovely to have you back in blogland, missed your posts :-)! your son looks so smart, you must be very proud of him. My daughter and my eldest is seventeen, crazy to think. Feels like she just started school in pigtails :-). Hugs Pam xx

  2. Oh, they look so lovely Heidi. The time just goes by so fast! Mimi looks super cute too! Tam x

  3. Oh, that's seems very nice! In Germany you didn't have something like this…but I would love to had some ;-) How funny to show you own pictures t your daughter :-)
    Have a nice week!

  4. Such a gorgeous couple, yep they grow up far too fast! :) x

  5. Were there tears in your eyes? I'm guessing that would be a "yes". They grow up so quickly. Then, you will be making a prom dress for Mimi....

  6. love the prom pics- what a lovely young man ;0) you must be so proud x ...prom has only really been in the u.k for the last 10 years- we just had a party at my end of school, shame as i would have loved the ball gowns and fairy tale themes ;0)
    my neice at 16 had a beautiful gown in blue with lacey details, beautiful to see them all grown up x

  7. Lovely pictures. We didn't have prom nights when I was at school but the teenagers do now; it was a real treat seeing my son at his last year, I'm looking forward to the next 2.

  8. a slice of prom night....
    we haven't got these, a crying shame!

  9. Fabulous pics, all of them! And I love the roses corsage on the lady's arm: very pretty! :-)
    And your boy, a man...

  10. aahh they all look lovely your sons date looks beautiful. I didn't have a prom I would have loved to but when I was at school it wasn't something that happened like it is now. Just to let you know that I have started up a new blog I had to sadly delete my last. Hope to see you there, dee x

  11. It even seems to me like they've grown up SO fast! He's a handsome boy and the pictures are great. Hope he had a good time. Diane

  12. Hi, Heidi - my, what a handsome fellow! And Mimi is gorgeous! We've only fairly recently starting having Prom nights in the UK. They're a bit controversial, as they're quite competitive - people spending a fortune on clothes, fancy transport, etc. But looks like your crowd had fun! Abby x

  13. Hi Heidi,

    nice couple !!!
    My graduation ist also 27 years ago....but I don´t feel so old ;-)


  14. What a lovely couple! I think they have winter formals here in Germany, but no prom. I went to a DODDS High School in Frankfurt, so I had my Senior prom 26 years ago next month. =:o

  15. Hi Heidi!
    Beautiful couple!
    It all looks so great. I've always been jealous of school proms because they don't exist in Greece (in that form, at least).
    Have a good week! :)

  16. Hej Heidi, a lovely couple. That's a very special occasion, also for you and mimi.
    Lieve groet,

  17. What fabulous photos.

    Sadly in the UK we never had proms when I was at school although they are now a feature - so sad I missed out!

    Victoria xx

  18. proud mum awww x
    {where you been ms?]
    x ... ***

  19. What a fun time for the kids and they looked so nice. I hope they had a fun time at the dance.

    xo Danielle

  20. What fun.....prom night is early in your part of the world. My daughter is graduating this year and her prom is not tell the end of May...but she is already.
    Thanks for sharing such fun photos.

  21. They both look gorgeous and isn't he such a big brother to teeny mimi? mel x

  22. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time!!!! Brings back good memories of my kids going to prom. My daughters prom date loved to cook, so we made him a boutineer with rosemary, sage, parsley, thyme, and a rose.....
    Good memories!!!!
    You have wonderful kids Heidi!!!
    Chris :o)

  23. Prom dresses are still essential that a girl puts much thought in. An increasing number of girls are on their own dates for the prom night and increasingly boys go deer or with a group of friends. Prom night is often still the highest social event of the school year, however, it is also a time for fun and creating memories for all to enjoy and show off that gorgeous dress.