Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rambling On.......

 Our winter project is coming to an end,
we are down to just a few loose ends on the house we built.
(Phil built)
I should say.....and I'm sad to be almost done, its been so much
fun working with the homeowner.
I promise to share pictures!
 Moving on, Do any of you know what kind of pears these are?
I bought them at Cosco, threw the bag away and realized
how yummy they are.....crunchy like an apple
but a pear and small in size?
 Mr Milo relaxing......
 Mimi sporting her new purchase from Claire's, cute little fake glasses.
I started the beginning of April taking Jeremy first, then Cory and finishing up with Mimi
on Tuesday going to Anchorage alone on a date day with them.
I should have done this years ago, it was so special and they loved it.
 It was fun to have the one on one time with them.
I dragged each one of them through one thrift store, 
Cory was so cute, he picked a gold jacket to try on and I thought he was joking
but he was serious....and Mimi found this stuffed horse, 
which we rescued, named Black Beauty and brought home with us!
 Our snow is melting but as you can see we still have quite a bit....

 Check out my lovely new Starbucks mugs....
someday I need a cabinet to display them, 
I love there new line.
Thank you again!

Poor sad Jerry he has lost his freedom as he is now contained
to his 75 foot dog run.....he's getting used to it.
This is is favorite tree, he loves to sit on the boys archery target. 
He still looks longingly out the living room window
as the cars pass wishing he could chase there tires.....

I hope you have all had a great week so far,
almost the weekend!


  1. oh, bad car chasing pup! glad you have him secured, but i'm sorry for him, too.

    love the day dates one-on-one with your kids. so great.

  2. Those are the most beautiful pears Heidi, I'll have to go to Costco and jot down their names for you.
    I bet the kids really enjoyed themselves!!!! I want a date day toooooo!!! Thrift shops or garage sales please, lol!!

    Chris :o)

  3. I don't know for sure what kind of pear it is but you can call your Costco and they can tell you for sure.

    That is such a good idea to make a special date with each of your fun for each of you.

    Mr. Milo is so cute, doing what cats do best..finding the most comfortable spot in the house!

    Poor Jerry, little did he know the prison sentence when he just 'had' to chase those cars. xo

  4. I know those pears, they are lovely. They turn up from time to time at my local store but l have never thought to check what type they are. Puss looks so comfy all snuggled up. Miss Jenny began taking interest in cars last winter, so we have to stay outside with her when she is loose, luckily she listens when we call her back if a car should turn up. She also gets up to no end of mischief when alone outside...once chewed up a whole ski naughty dog! This past autumn she chewed the tops off all my berry bushes and one of the apple trees. Love black beauty, Mimi looks pleased with her new friend. Glad you are all feeling better from the flu. Hugs Pam xx

  5. Could they be 'Comice' pears? They look awfully like them. Beautiful roses in top pic. It's very rare to get one-on-one time when those kiddos grew into adults - they come as a package then!Hope you enjoy lots more of those days together before too long.Big

  6. Such cute glasses, they look fabby. Seems strange to see snow, when Spring has finally sprung here in the UK. Have a wonderful weekend... Sarah x

  7. Lovely roses and Mimi with her fancy glasses. You must long for spring, at least I would when I see all the snow. Although the pictures you're showing are fabulous. Have a nice weekend. Regards, Annet

  8. Love Mimi in her Elton John glasses! She looks v pleased with her new horse! What a good idea to take them out individually - we do that with the grandchildren - they love it. Nearly the weekend, as you say - have a good one. X

  9. I think they are Corella pears- what that's what they are called here in Oz. They are usually the most expensive ones here and are like you describe plus a beautiful colour. I love to have a pile in a milk glass bowl on display. Nice to see all that snow melting finally and some sunshine. mel x

  10. one on one time fab
    snow sucks x ... ***
    [poor jerry! for his safety sniff]
    ooo and the pears...
    pear shaped ones...

  11. daughter collects starbucks mugs too....she must have at least 12 and they are taking over my cupboard...she gets them wherever she goes...yours are the China one. Happy weekend.

  12. Your sweet girl. I love the idea of a day date, so important to have that special time x

  13. Hello Heidi!

    Days alone with one child are so precious, aren't they? You can home into their needs and personalities without worrying about pleasing the others.

    I have a Starbucks cup too (beside me as I type) from Paris which is where our nearest Starbucks is!

    Happy Sunday to you. I'm off to follow you...


  14. Hey you, do you have the London versions of any of these mugs? Would love to send you one if not.

    Victoria x

  15. I've been so busy lately that I got behind on reading my favorite blogs....just read your last four posts. Did you find out the name of the pears? Mimi is such an adorable little girl...