Saturday, April 20, 2013

My first of the year.......

 I went to my first garage sale of the season a few weeks ago with a friend
and of course I have no idea what I'll do with them, but I loved these baskets
for a $1
 I found some vintage tablecloths to add to my collection
this was my favorite......
 I loved this horse painting......
 Look at this amazing work of art.......
a friend gave me.
 It reminds me of an Anthropologie work of art.
I have to ask, Mr Milo our new cat
has become part of our family.
George and Milo love to play and chase each other....
The only thing that drives me crazy about Milo is
every morning I come down to find all my vases empty
of flowers......someone said if you have a planter with grass growing
in it they leave the house plants alone.....
any tips?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. No tips about the cat-water-problem but I love your new baskets! They look very nice!
    Have a nice weekend Heidi!

  2. Dear Heidi,

    I can't help you either! Hope someone else will have the solution to your cat problem.

    Love the baskets! They look perfect in the corner.

    Happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  3. I love the baskets and the tablecloth, nice!

  4. can't help you on the house cat advice... love that oriental peacock pillow! wow!

  5. Love the things you found,the horse painting is so beautiful,cats %^^^%%#$^*&^ they steel my flowers to,I put them high on a closet when I go to sleep or away (fun)only the hyacints,they dont like them,have a nice sunday tomorrow,greetings Musje.

  6. That peacock cushion is so beautiful- the colours! And the cat flower issue? not sure as our cat has never shown remote interest in floral displays. I do know if they have their own scratching post covered in carpet they do leave all the furniture alone. mel x

  7. Great finds Heidi, love the horse painting. As for the cat issue, sorry cant help with that either. Tam x

  8. Lovely things Heidi. Love the peacocks. Kitties love cat grass (wheat grass). It is easy to grow. Good luck.

    xo Danielle

  9. Ask Amanda on the cat and grass issue. Otherwise I would say that Mr. Milo is just having fun pulling them out and making a mess. I'm glad he gets along with the dogs. Diane

    P.S. Great treasures from the sales.

  10. Love the baskets. I have heard it works with the catgras. Have a Nice sundag. D

  11. Hello Heidi, l do so love that horse picture and that beautiful pillow! Sure those baskets will come in handy, they look great. As for puss; l'm so glad the little rascal is getting along with the dogs :-). My little black terror was a headache at christmas and easter, but as the weather is warmer now, he is often out at night and uses up some of his mischief. Main problem with Melvin at night is that he has tried everything to get hold of my sons hamster Lilli. Try the cat grass and see if that helps, and good luck with your naughty friend :-) Pam xx

  12. That peacock is fantastic, think I might have snapped those baskets up too! :) x

  13. What gorgeous finds, the peacock is so colourful. Sarah x

  14. at night
    stuff the cat in a basket
    2 problems solved
    x ... ***

  15. your enthusiasm always gives me such a good feeling, a feeling of belonging, of home coming.

    concerning milo, i gather you mean cat grass? you can easily plant it in a low container! but undoubtedly someone before me told you how. i couldn't tell you from the top of my head, but this morning as i lay lounging in the bath, and as i was leafing a vintage scored book on plants in da house... they showed a cat-grass-plant-thingy.
    the serendipity, don't you think? tell me if you want a scan of this!

  16. Now the weather is starting to brighten up in the UK I hope to start getting out to our car boot sales!

    Victoria x

  17. Such a naughty cat, but I'm sorry I can't help you with it.
    I love the baskets and the pillow. Have a nice week. Regards, Annet

  18. ♥ love all your nice things! xxx Riitta♥♥

  19. you always score the best things! i love those bags!

  20. Sounds like Mr Milo is being a little monkey bless him. I am not sure what do on that score my cat has never touched my flowers. Great finds love those baskets and your tablecloth. Have a lovely week, dee x

  21. Lovely peacock cushion! I'd have bought the baskets too - and not known what to use them for! They look nice though! X

  22. HI Heidi!
    I have not been blogging much lately.
    Love the white horse picture :)

  23. I hope you bought the horse painting, its very soulful!

  24. Great finds Heidi!
    Our cat used to empty out vases of flowers too, but doesnt any more thankfully. I never did figure out why - she loves water, so i did start to put less water in the vases so she couldnt get to it, and to use vases with a smaller neck, so maybe this put her off?
    Hopefully your cat will either grow out of it or become bored with the game like ours!
    Gill xx

  25. Great finds!!! I love the horse painting! My cats usually leave my flowers alone (unless they have bear grass) Buying wheat grass for him can't be a bad idea.