Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Farm Chicks 2014

I loved these chairs.
 But for me, this cabinet stole the show......loved it!
 The displays were inspiring....
I wanted these for my next Mad party.... 
 Fun and silly items....
 There were a few deals but mostly priced like a huge antique store!
 How perfect is this oil painting.....
I wanted one of these huge lucite flower pins but they were pricey!

I had a blast!
More to come...

Monday, June 2, 2014

Welcome Summer......

 How are you all doing?
Once again its been a while since my last stop in...
 My friend asked me a few months ago if I would do the center pieces
for her dinner theater play she is producing and she didn't want fresh flowers because they wouldn't last three weekends....
 So I had the idea of paper flowers.....a big thank you to my friends
who helped Marian, Rachel, Angela and Carroll!
They were way more work than I thought and we had 10 vases
to fill but the end result was worth it.....and we had fun in the process!

 And for more news Jeremy graduated high school
Here he is with his best friend!

on another note I leave in a few days to go with a group of friends on 
a girl trip to the Farm Chicks flea market in Spokane, Wa.
I'm super excited to spend a day in Seattle also....
I can't WAIT to smell Anthropologie air, ahhhhhhh!!
I'll take lots of pictures to share.

Take care,