Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What are you up to?

I hope your all doing exciting things this week
I have been painting like crazy
I can't wait to show you the finished space.
Its amazing how paint can transform a room.
It sure does look like a family room now and not the store
anymore....will post them soon!


  1. My 'exciting' week has involved lots of painting too. furniture for the shop, in my case, not so exciting as painting one's own house :)

  2. Looking forward to your reveal post! I haven't been too productive, but have thought about all the stuff I need to do a lot.

  3. Awww will look forward to seeing the room, paint really transform a space. I bet your arms are aching.I love the pretty pinks in the photo. Have a lovely week, dee x

  4. Can't wait too see all your hard work Heidi!
    I will be making a chocolate fudge cake today for my sons Birthday tomorrow!I shall also be making bunting for my stall, in fact I shouldn't really be on here right now! Tee hee!
    Have a lovely day!
    Rachel x

  5. I can't wait to see the big reveal! Painting is jolly hard work and I just watch our walls being painted!

  6. Ooohh, looking forward to that! You're so good to do all theat painting, it scares me to bits! I'm too scared to start incase I don't get it all done nice & quick..x

  7. Funnily enough I'm painting today too, nothing as grand as your family room, just repainting a couple of doors that needed freshning up...........looking forward to the reveal, I will bake another chocolate cake in honour of the big finish.

    lily x

  8. We definitely need to do some serious painting in our house. Looking forward to seeing your room. xx

  9. Can't wait to see the big reveal! Nothing fun here so far this week, just work :(

  10. Looking forward to your pics :)..... today I'm going to my friend fee's for a crochet lesson :)
    schools out today so making the most of the peace
    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  11. How exciting that you are getting close to having that project done, looking forward to seeing the end result. My list is so long I don't know where to begin.. xo

  12. me
    (been a while)
    the doc/
    no painting
    boy how
    i hate
    this gal
    is waiting
    to hang up
    the brush

    ps thanks
    for your
    kind email

  13. waiting to see what you have been up to!!!
    Your enamel teapot is lovely, I have some like yours!!! aren´t they the most pretty ones??
    hugs dear

  14. Well done you! I got back to painting today, as the rain has eased off! We're doing the shutters (hey, you know that) and Ben made four more new ones at the weekend, but I couldn't put the 'lazure' (that's French kind of outdoor varnish) on them until today. I bet your results look prettier than mine...

  15. I'm looking forward to see your finished paintwork.
    I'm working a lot this week and making the final preparations for the dog to come on Friday.

  16. Hello Heidi! Am looking forwrad to sharing your excitement about your newly painted family room - paint does transform, you must have been working so hard too!
    Love the photo, you always make such pretty arrangements with your china and other vintage treasures.
    Logan is being cut again tomorrow - so a different dog for a day or two - hope George is good, would love to see some more pics of him!
    Gill xx

  17. Hi Heidi,

    Looking forward to see what you are painting! I have started work again last week. I do enjoy it, but I would have loved to have some extra weeks to do some painting, like you. I still have to do the inside of our little garden house and a cupboard, but when in the garden there are always so much other things to do..... Perhaps this Sunday!

    Good luck with the painting & happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  18. Hej hej Heidi
    I look forward to see your painted room.

  19. Made a cushion, trying to finish a sock . . . hope you will come over and join my giveaway!

    Pomona x

  20. Mowing the lawn, trying to keep cool, journaling, blogging. I'm looking forward to your reveal, too, Heidi. Hope you and your family are having a good summer. Diane

  21. Came over to say hi and sorry I've not left a comment for AGES- I do love visiting your blog though, your photos are so gorgeous and full of colour.

    Hope everything is well with you,
    I'll be back soon


  22. I love your post and blog so much!!!.))

    I need your help. I spend another survey but this time with another question.
    "Where do you prefer to shop? What is your favorite shopping center?"

  23. I hope you get some rest soon, after showing us your makeover!
    Happy weekend!

  24. Hello my friend!!!
    So nice comment from you on my blog!

    ...yes.... I am painting flors.. Lot of work...
    But... SO NICE when i am done!!!


  25. Love love LOVING the pink, yahoo!! Have a beautiful week sweet Heidi, love Posie

  26. no, you're right. paint changes everything.
    i'm not at that stage, but i did get rid of the wall paper on three floors of hallway, so there.
    and this is only stage one, since old glue and paint are now eying me from the wall : a lethal concoction.
    unless you & co, dab hands, know how to dissolve the filth, whilest not taking me days on end in doing so? so far, we've tried water, dtergent in water, scrubbing it down,..
    leaving it on is no option, the paint takes it down in scales.
    i'm thinking of thin tissue wall paper now (don't know the exact name for it), which will save us the scrubbing-like-hell hassle....
    can't wait to see yours!!!!! :)))

  27. My dear Heidi,

    the last 3 weeks I worked 15 hours a day in my both jobs and now I´m so tired. The good news is that my second house is sold and now the financial things will getting better for us. I´m a little bit sad about this sale because it was my first house that I buyed as I was twenty, it has a big garden with old apple and cherry and plum and walnut trees and I loved it. But the little house is old, very small and needed some work to make it nice again and our house in the south of germany where we now live is much more bigger and prettier.
    I will see my old little house every time if I visit my mother which lives 500 km away from us because my little house is in the same street.

    Today I wait the my hubby leaves the bathroom (he needs there more time than a woman!) and then we drive to Alsace. Today is my first non working day since 3 weeks.

    Your tea kettle is so beautiful - loooove it!

    Have a nice day and much fun,