Thursday, June 9, 2011

Just a few.....

 Our longest day is fast approaching it's so nice
to have all this daylight, It's amazing the energy you have 
with it..... 
 In Alaska the other wonderful thing is to have all the different
fruit choices in the summer at a more reasonable price.....
I bought a ton the other day and ended up with all the neighbor
kids I wanted to cry there went all my fruit, nectarines all over the yard with
one bite out of them........
 In this little pot is all my soaked seeds I want to plant
is it getting to late to plant??
 We can sure tell the difference in the house this summer
with all those trees down it's much warmer although maybe thats
just because were here also for the first time!
I just had to show you this dress I found at our local consignment store
I found a few other treasures but this was my favorite.....
I hope to finally get out and try and garage sale this Friday.

I hope your all having a wonderful week also.......


  1. Hello my friend!
    Thank u so much for your nice comment om my blog "sukkertøy for øyet"!
    I really love your header!! So pretty :)

    And the red chair!!!!



  2. Ive just been eyeing up all your goodies, I love that bird print, is it a tray? Its so cute. Scarlett x

  3. Just love your post!! Hot here..very hot for the northeast in mid June!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!!

  4. That birdie tray is the cutest!! I used to give the kids around my house popcicles and I'll save the fruit for the family as kids never appreciate it. Cute dress, you must be a tiny thing, I'm jealous. xo

  5. Great pictures! I am also loving the long days, although, I am exhausted from staying up late!

    I haven't planted my seedlings yet either...

  6. Hi Heidi,

    Your dress looks great. It looks fab on the old red chair!

    I am not sure about your seedling. If I were you I would just give it a try!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  7. How nice, those birds, so colourful...
    And fruit its so delicious, i love it.
    Enjoy your weekend!!


  8. All things bright and beautiful here after a long winter...
    xo Ro

  9. Love all the bright yellow things and the dress looks fantastic!

    When it comes to fruit and children I usually cut it up into smaller pieces and serve it on a plate, not too much at the time. If they eat it all it's easy to cut up some more and if they don't eat it, the waste is not too bad. Hate the thought of food going to waste!

  10. Oh I totally agree, there were just to many of them(kids) and they were taking it when I wasn't looking....little stinkers!

  11. Pretty sunshiney post, and what a beautiful summer dress.

    lily x

  12. Thank you for joining my Give Away! I've updated, so you can understand it :)

  13. that is such a cute little dress that you found!

  14. Hej pa dig Heidi, I see you've 'met' my sister! ;-)
    Small world with all this blogging... :-)

  15. Lovely bird tray - is it IKEA? (do you have IKEA there?) Love the dress - looks like it would look good over jeans or leggings? Have a good weekend, Abby X

  16. Oh, Heidi - sorry to hear about George - hope he's OK. Poor him; poor you. Abby x

  17. Thankyou so much for visiting me and leaving kind words. Wow I can't believe you visited me, in Ireland from, it is a small world afterall! Have a wonderful weekend, love Linda x

  18. Oh poor Heidi, sounds like you had a bit of a day yesterday. Poor George, I hope he wasnt too shaken, and thank heavens he's ok. What a scare for you. They are such a worry, like small children really. Sorry to hear about the broken window too - hope your little girl is Ok.
    We have open driveways here and I'm always nervous when Logan comes out the front - even though he usually hangs out near me, if Bessie were to suddenly appear he would chase her, and even though the lane is fairly quiet, its always on my mind.
    I think we will have to put up some picket fence and a pair of gates - will feel happier than.
    Go for it with your seeds - not too late here for many outdoor veg, so have a go!
    Gill x

  19. PS love that dress - so many things in this post! Have fun with the garage sale!
    Wishing you a happy and more peaceful weekend!
    Gill xx

  20. Lovely pictures with lovely things, so colourful :D!

  21. Lovely photos, I'd love to hear about garage sales in alaska.xx.

  22. The yellow planters and the birdie tray are really cute. I know what you mean about kids taking one bite of the nectarine and wasting the rest. one I think Mom's all learn that the hard way. And then they learn to cut everything into smaller pieces before things are handed out, and to serve smaller cups of drinks instead of entire cans. If only motherhood came with a few more instructions.. :-)

  23. Oh, And I forgot to say I LOVE the pink depression glass pitcher!!