Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Babies-R-Here so cute!

 Our backyard Momma had her babies...
 Two of them. 
How cute are they!
 little wobbly legs.
 So sweet
Just precious in every way!

Tonight in bible class some how we got on the subject of blogs and someone said whats a blog and this man said its for people with to much time on there hands.....I may have to have a talk next Sunday to his wife and introduce her to the world of blogs! smile


  1. Oh, they're so sweet, Heidi - thanks for sharing those photos. Abby x

  2. !!! those are the most precious pictures ever!!! re: the blogging comment..ugh

  3. So cute! Love the blogging remarks. Tam x

  4. It must be so wonderful to live so close to nature and see the wonders of new life.

    There is so much positivity in blogland, it's a shame it's sometimes looked on as a negative activity.......there's so much inspiration, help and advice and it's a great way to connect with and learn about other women and their lives from all around the world.

    lily x

  5. Dear Heidi,

    this are really amazing pictures. So cute!

    The man is not right. Blogging gives us the possibility to take a look in another countries and towns, to see wonderful craftings from talented women, beautiful gardens, gives us much inspirations for our own life. Blogging need time, that is for sure, but I think blogging time is better than time for tv watching.

    I love front porches - it is a special thing we have not in germany. But porches are so nice places.

    Have a nice day,

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog, how nice those "babys" in your backgarden wow!!!
    Bloggers are people who love to communicate with other people and it makes your world much more interesting.:)))

    Have a nice day!!!

  7. Pffft... if "that man" had a look at our blogs I'm sure he'll see we use our time productively! HA HA!

    Victoria xx

  8. So cute, Heidi, lovely pictures !
    That remark about blogging made me smile, someone said that to me too :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  9. Yay, I'm finally able to leave comments again and there is your blog with those cutsie moosie pies! :-) Too cute Heidi and your house too by the way. I was secretely hoping you were going to paint your whole house in the Swedish Red but I can see that the more pastelly green is more You! :-)

  10. I hate it when people are dismissive about blogging! I have gained so much knowledge from reading others' blogs, and I have gained in self-confidence from starting my own blog. I love to write, and blogging gives me an opportunity to do so.

    I love the pictures of the baby "mooses"!

  11. Wow, it seems amazing to me to have such an exotic animal in your garden!!

    S x

  12. It is a good idea Heidi to talk to his wife about blog's world. I never thought to write to someone in Alaska, and now I am writing, and I love it!
    Your babies moose are beautiful, and so sweet!
    Love, Laura

  13. Thank you for visiting my blogg, I think to it is a good idea to talk to his wife about blog`s world.
    Lots of Love from Sweden, Susan

  14. You might love my flowers, I LOVE YOUR BACKYARD!!! Nice to meet a blogger from Alaska.
    Have a nice day. Annet

  15. How sweet! I hope you keep psoting stuff like this, it is so exotic for me.

  16. SOOOOOOO CUTE!! I would die to such cute neighbours. You are lucky. Can you feed them? Are they friendly?

  17. OhMyGoodness, they are so cute! How lucky you are to be able to see them! :)

    I think the man that said that blogging is for people with too much time on their hands doesn't have a clue. I hope you can enlighten him! :)


  18. Dear Heidi,..thanks you so much for sharing these amazing pictures with us! Oh, it's so great to see these little ones with their mum...oh, I can't believe in Alaska...that's oldest one said ;O)
    Have a nice weekend!

  19. Congratulations on your twins, they are adorable, in that nature way, sure they are one family not to mess with from our point of view. Love Posie

  20. Oh, they're absolutely adorable!!