Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Repurposed Landscaping.....

 I finally finished digging up the front yard and I 
decided to look to the woods for shrubs as spare funds
are all going into finishing the house.
 I decided to use what we already had....
we transplanted a bunch of wild roses and 
some bushes.
When we first started to build our home my neighbors gave me a lilac
bush and I had planted it off to the side in a silly place
so I moved it also into the front.

 I hope they will survive and start to take over
before those horse tails come back.
 we did a rock and sea shell walkway.....I had a ton
of shells.
 then I walked Mimi and her friend over to the lake
and saw these lilly pads and we decided to try and
transplant one into the old oak barrel we had.
the flowers are so beautiful.

Now I think with a few flowers filled in here and there
were off to a good start....


  1. The little flower on the small shrub is really pretty. How lucky you are that you can find beautiful plants in the woods.

    I like the little walk through it is super cute with the little shoes.

    The water lily flower is beautiful. Hope you enjoy your new space, Tam x

  2. The water lily flower is spectacular.

    It's hard to believe all these flowers were frozen in a few months ago, and now they're popping up everywhere.

    Keep showing us how your garden grows!

  3. Nothing nicer than using a natural plant taken & transplanted to home.

  4. You are sure getting alot done and how nice it all looks..I love that you have used what you already had.

  5. I love your garden and using what you have - what a great lesson for your kids. Diane

  6. That's beautiful, I love the stone path gorgeous!

  7. It already looks great. I've never seen the lilac flower before. Probably a bush that doesn't grow in Europe. The yellow one grows numerously in natural ponds here.
    Enjoy your new garden! Annet

  8. Love your pretty rock and sea shell walkway and what a great thrifty idea using the plants that are literally growing on your own doorstep.

    lily x

  9. What incredible plants you have! I was reading a British article about planting with native flowers this morning - you are doing just that and it works so well - for your garden and for nature too. Thanks for your comment - I'm loving the holidays too!

  10. beautiful flowers, your garden is going to be grat. Hope the plants will settle in the new places. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments over at my blog, They all make me very happy! You are great!

  11. Everything is lovely my friend...those wooden shoes made me smile. xoxoxo

  12. that looks like a ton of work, but so worth it i think!!

  13. Looking good! I love the colours on your house.xx.

  14. Lovely idea to work with what you have. I got a lot of my plants from my grandmother's and my mom's garden. The lily is lovely.