Thursday, June 23, 2011

My how they have grown.....

 My friendly little family came for their daily visit
and I thought I would share,
 how they have grown.
 they sure love my weeds....

 Look how close they are through the window...
 I have not finished digging up my weeds yet
I think their happy.
 then George had to see what Mom was looking at out the window.
That was the end of this visit....
until next time!


  1. Hi, I'm glad to have found your blog,
    beautiful enamel, I love it,
    I'm your new follower,
    Greetings from the Netherlands, Irma

  2. That is so awesome that they come so dogs would go through the window if they were that cool is this, lucky you! Thanks for sharing this sweet scene with us.

  3. Ohh, they're so cute. I wish I had moose in my garden!

  4. WOW it's amazing how close they come to you!

    Victoria xx

  5. OMG, it just seems amazing to me to have such creatures in your garden!!

    S x

  6. Is that in your garden? That's great! And I find it very special!


  7. That is incredible to see them in your garden, my boys would LOVE that x x x x x

  8. Hej Heidi, what a wonderful photo's. Great to see them so close at the house.
    Lieve groetjes

  9. Wow, my cat would flip a lid if a moose would look in through the window and so would I.

  10. Hello Heidi, I didn't know what they wre at first because they don't have horns. We don't have moose over here - so pardon my ignorance.

    They come so close.

    Pam x

  11. Thanks for sharing your visit from the moose and her babies. They HAVE grown. But they still have that sweetness to them, don't they? Diane

  12. live in an amazingly beautiful spot my friend!!!! You are right they have grown! xoxox Happy weekend

  13. absolutely amazing. i can imagine you standing there, camera at the ready, reveling at their appearance... i think i would just yelp! of enthusiasm, no less!!

  14. Yes, they have grown, but are still so lovely!
    I am wondering what could I do, opening my windows and find a moose in the garden... or three!
    Love, Laura

  15. Thank you to share with us these beautiful pictures! your house is very nice i like it's colours and your daughter's collage very funny. nice to see her on your blog. Blessings Catherine

  16. wow i have never seen a moose in the flesh before how exciting and magical, have a lovely weekend, dee x

  17. Thanks Heidi for the moosey photos, they look so happy grazing on your so called weeds...too pretty to be weeds. wow they really do come close to your house.

  18. moose in the garden
    munching up the weeds
    no moose in northern france
    yet plenty bleedin weeds


  19. They are lovely, Heidi, I'm sure they love your weeds !
    Wish you a nice weekend,

  20. CUTE!!! So great to have nature so close.

  21. Oh they are gorgeous & to eat the weeds, fantastic!! I just showed one of my almost 10 year olds & i said "look how close the moose are to the window" & she said "what's a window" thinking it was some Alaskan plant - then she realised what she'd said & was in fits of laughter. My very own moose head, love Posie