Friday, June 3, 2011

Love and LOVE

 I love vintage watering cans
 I think watering a garden would not be a chore
 with a pretty can!
 A little fashion in the garden
 Whats better than that....
 Well maybe these little sweethearts
They have been sticking so close to the house.
 I'm scared to send George 
our poodle out to the bathroom
not to mention the kids to play.

the Momma was so close to the house yesterday
I could have pet her through an open window. 


  1. I think I need a new wardrobe to do my gardening in!!

    What sweet little twins..I do believe that my dogs would have a 'fit' if they were right outside of the window.

    Have a lovely weekend. xo

  2. I love your watering cans, we named them "gieters". I've also a lot of old watering cans in my garden.
    How cute those little babys...

    Have a nice weekend,Eefie

  3. Yes, they`re very cute but for God`s sake, don`t be leaving that bedroom window open too wide of an evening. I have visions of you waking up with a moose`s head next to yours on the pillow! Have a great weekend my friend. xxx

  4. Oh, so sweet the little ones...and the mom next to your you feed them? I love your pictures Heidi!
    Have a nice saturday!

  5. Great pics of the moose and her mooselets(?!). I know nothing about moose - is that one fairly tame - or can they get quite nasty? I love the lacy shorts in the 5th pic - I wish I was 18 again! Abby x

  6. I cannot imagine having such creatures in our backyard. It must be like moving into the zoo! How wonderful to watch the babies grow. They surely must eat all of your garden.

  7. Love all the wataring cans, and those little babies in the garden.
    Wishing you a happy weekend,

  8. The babies are so beautiful. I can see the difference in a day. I love the watering cans, gorgeous colors. Diane

  9. I can imagine you devising a vintage metal holey watering can with some rocks as a deterant to those moose so you can garden in safety, at least it would look pretty. Love Posie

  10. Yes...old wateringcans are just gorgeous...they look so vintage and stylish everywhere around the house!
    What a sweet animals you show us there, I like them!

    Huggs, Veronique

  11. I agree about the vintage watercans - love them :o) Scarlett x

  12. Oh, those moose are so cute. They look brand new. I'd love a run-down on what they're like. Are they noisy? Do they run away if you come close? Are the adults dangerous?

  13. Wow, fancy having those sweet little moose babies that close!
    Wonder what George would do?
    Love the vintage watering cans and the clothes!
    Gill xx

  14. What a fantastic shot of the watering can. The top one is my favourite.

    I have heard that the moose are pretty protective and are quite dangerous?? But soo cute on their wobbly legs.

    Have a great weekend, Tam x

  15. Oh, so lovely the little ones!!!!

    Wath a fantastik natural!!!!

    Your photos is great.

    Have a nice saturday!

    Greatings Conny

  16. Lovely images. I love those watering cans, so nostalgic.

  17. Love the vintage watering cans, I think I've still got one in my back garden!
    How cute the baby reindeers!
    Thank you for entering my giveaway!

  18. Oh, Heidi, I can imagine, opening my windows and find Mrs. Moose with her children!
    It is fantastic, but not for your garden and flowers, I suppose.
    By the way, who can say to have a moose in his own garden, here?
    I have only a fox nearby, as a strange animal...
    I love your watering cans!
    love, Laura

  19. Oh Heidi,

    Those little ones look so sweet!!! The way they stand on their leggs. It looks so wobbly :-)

    Your images are lovely. Just to my taste. Love your new header too!

    Lieve groet & happy weekend,

    Madelief x

  20. Dear Heidi,

    your watering cans are fantastic. I love them too but have none. Tomorrow we will drive to an french antique market and I hope to find a watering can and some other things for reasonable prices.
    The little family is too cute. I love their pictures. Nature is a wonderful thing. We have some squirrels in our garden and it makes me happy to see them.

    Have a nice sunday,

  21. Love the watering cans - we don't really need them here in Southeast Alaska! But they are so pretty!

    I hope you have a telephoto lens! If not, you are brave to be so close to a mama moose and her babies - as you know, they can be pretty cranky, if not downright vicious when you get close to their calves!

    How lucky to be able to see moose so near your house! I haven't seen a bear yet this year, but I know I will!

  22. I can't even handle how cute those babies are, oh my goodness :):) looks like you have some new pets!

  23. no way! you and your moose, miss. do you know what it means already to have these so closeby? they have metafysical powers, i'm sure, wouldn't it be interesting to find out? maybe you should adopt? i dunno, there is definitely a message, when you start talking 'bout petting them through an open window...?
    as for watering the garden with a pretty can... no can do that either. of course, i do have a personal gardener...
    that i do have.

  24. Your little garden dwellers are very sweet, but do they ever eat your washing or help themselves to your veggie patch or blooms..................I know nothing about these dear other words are they in any way dangerous, just a little worried one of them may decide to clamber through your open bedroom window one of these dark nights, lol.

    lily x

  25. These little guys are so darling!!! I am a fan of water cans as well my friend. Happy day to you. xoxoxoxo