Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Repurposed Landscaping.....

 I finally finished digging up the front yard and I 
decided to look to the woods for shrubs as spare funds
are all going into finishing the house.
 I decided to use what we already had....
we transplanted a bunch of wild roses and 
some bushes.
When we first started to build our home my neighbors gave me a lilac
bush and I had planted it off to the side in a silly place
so I moved it also into the front.

 I hope they will survive and start to take over
before those horse tails come back.
 we did a rock and sea shell walkway.....I had a ton
of shells.
 then I walked Mimi and her friend over to the lake
and saw these lilly pads and we decided to try and
transplant one into the old oak barrel we had.
the flowers are so beautiful.

Now I think with a few flowers filled in here and there
were off to a good start....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love and LOVE And love Anthropologie!

I love these chairs and the stove above...... 

 I love this sweater
 or this jacket 
 with this top...
 paired with these jeans...
 topped with this jewel...
 this bell pepper bag slung over my shoulder...
 with these shoes in the other hand because they were killing my feet!
sitting in this chair in the shade
somewhere anywhere for a moment of peace
without whining and the wants of anyone, bliss!

ok back in for another day of fun with the kids!
I hope your all having a great week too!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekend flowers and lots of sun!

 The lupine are out and this other lovely little flower....
 The ditches are filling up with them.
 Its been so sunny and warm....
 that you just want to soak it all up after such a long winter.

To think I pulled this chair out of the local dump!

I love my shadow...
I hope your all in the sun and
off to an enjoyable weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My how they have grown.....

 My friendly little family came for their daily visit
and I thought I would share,
 how they have grown.
 they sure love my weeds....

 Look how close they are through the window...
 I have not finished digging up my weeds yet
I think their happy.
 then George had to see what Mom was looking at out the window.
That was the end of this visit....
until next time!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A calibration that took a fun turn.....

 Blogging is usually my unwind time....
 and I thought it would be fun 
 to do a collage this morning
 well little Mimi really wanted to be a part of the process
 so I said go to your room and make up a collage
 of your own and I'll come in and photograph your work....
 so she had laid out this lovely display
 and had created this little work of art
 so sweet,
 my mother -n-law had handmade all these
doll clothes.
and the doll head
 is all thats left of one of my mom's
baby dolls.
 I love how she accessorized her.
we had fun
now she wants her own blog
I told her she can do some guest posts
in the future.

what a little stinker!

Monday, June 20, 2011


 After my weekend.....I feel like crawling back into bed
I worked with our oldest son and we painted over at my neighbors
house. One of her bedrooms and all of her trim throughout the upstairs
and part of the downstairs. It's an older home so we ran into a few snags
along the way. One of them was her little dog was mad at his Mommy and had
left her a lot of presents throughout......I'll leave you there.
 Remember months ago when we started our journey....
 Look at that ice
 a little more
 This Sunday Phil got it finally enclosed and moved his door
we still have to cut out the windows.
 What must people think with all of the colors going on
I'm hoping for nice weather so we can continue painting the kids and I.
Phil got the front sided and the dormer done.
It all takes time.....but it feels so good to see some progress!
Then remember a few weeks ago the broken bed
now the boys this morning wrestling in the living room
landed hard on the couch and broke it, see the boards
laying there.....thank God my Mr. fixit man comes home tonight!
Poor guy worked straight through his Holiday yesterday!
What a gem!

I hope your week is off to a great start also.....