Monday, June 6, 2011

Work and Play....

 Today was a wonderful sunny day. 
One of those days you just
want to be outside and busy.
 I decided I would tackle this clump of weeds in front of the house.
 So I started to dig it up.
 The kids and I finished hauling and stacking the firewood
Then Jeremy and I painted the front of the store,
must stop calling it that, the house I mean.
I love the color.
We have along way to go, but will get there!

I am exhausted,hot shower and a good night sleep
we will have tonight!


  1. What a day! You've done so much work & your house looks gorgeous!
    ..loving those watering cans below too, it's so much more enjoyable than standing there with an ugly hose..x

  2. Really beautiful color for your house, Heidi! I love it too ;o)
    It likes a very hard working day!
    Hope you've sleep well!

  3. Wow busy day, do you fancy coming to mine to tackle the weeds in my garden too? ;o) Scarlett x

  4. Heidi, you have been busy! You must have been ready to flop after all that!
    Love the pale green on the house,its so pretty with the white!
    Gill xx

  5. wow you got A LOT of work done! i love that feeling.

  6. The green really suites your house - lovely! Quite an accomplishment for one day. Thant hot shower was well deserved!

  7. What a hard works day!
    But now you must be happy, and the color of the house is beautiful!

  8. What a busy bee!! But well worth it - it's looking great - lovely house colour. Abby x

  9. No wonder you're exhausted, you've done a great job. Your house looks great!

  10. Love the house color, very fresh and happy! xo

  11. Looking excellent already Heidi! Nice to do some pottling in the yard also... ;-)

  12. What a beautiful color! What is it called? I might paint our doors that color instead of apple green!

  13. After all your hard work you deserve a long soak with lots of scented bubbles and a long cool drink...........pretty house colour.

    lily x

  14. I love the colour....and I'm in love with your house!

    Lou xxx

  15. You and Jeremy are pretty good workers. I could use some help down here. I'm afraid, though, that we'd sit and talk and laugh and nothing would get done. But that would be wonderful! Diane

  16. Goodness you have been busy. Love the color of your house its lovely. Did you hear about the sale of the bed and breakfast yet? i may have missed a few posts. enjoy your week, dee x

  17. That is a pretty cottage green! You sure have been busy chopping wood!