Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Corner shots.....and a couple of treasures.

 While vacuuming today,
 ( I don't know why the dust bunnies 
always like to have their get togethers here) but it gave me
inspiration for my post.
Now my pictures loaded a little out of order so bare with me
on my silly could be me who's out of sorts ,though!
This vase I found in Anchorage in a thrift store
I loved it.
 So today I thought I would share corners
about the house.
 I also found these sconces.
and this amazing birdhouse was dropped off on my doorstep.
I love it, I think it looks Swedish.

I spent the day in Homer with a friend and her friend who's visiting
yesterday. the weather was lovely and the mountains were out
but I was driving so it was hard to get some pictures.

But I can't wait to share some of the local talent from the art galleries.

Does anyone have a good squash soup recipe
I have been playing around with different recipes
off the internet and have almost made my whole pot!


  1. Sorry about your soup Heidi, no I don't have a recipe, good luck though. I love that parakeet vase, too, it's beautiful. So is your house, it's decorated so cute. Diane

  2. Oh my, I LOVE your bath tub!!! :-)
    That birdie vase is pretty sweet as well... ;-)

  3. squaqh as in pumpkin, honey?
    i like it with a sweet apple cut into it and a splash of white wine! try it, you'll be hooked in no time. 't is okay for the kids too, the wine just leaves a waft of a taste, you don't get drunk on it... but yumm!!! (for quantities, plse go check the net?). bon appétit!!

  4. You've some great looking corners! And the birdhouse looks great!

  5. Hi Heidi, the budgie vase is gorgeous! as is every corner of your home, I could spend hours in there. Tam x

  6. Hej Heidi

    LOVE your bathroom and the birdy vase the corners of your home that you's so homely and artsy.
    Great style!

  7. my advice 'h'
    for what it's worth:
    forget the soup
    sit in a dust free corner
    and crack open the wine


  8. Hi,
    What a beautiful pictures of your trip to Anchorage...What a landscape! The mountains and the lakes are SO different from our flat polders in Holland!
    Also I like your cornerviews of your house+ the birdvase is very nice!
    greetings from Fleur in de polder.

  9. oohh i would love to be a corner of your home you have so many pretty spaces such lovely things. Sorry i have never eaten pumpkin soup so never made it. Hope you find a good receipe. Have fun, dee xx

  10. i love a good snoooopy - blissful xxxx

  11. What a lovely home! And the art in your bathroom is a great idea! And it's also a nice bath!;)

  12. Very nice corners! ;) I love all your sweet litle bird things.
    Hugs Madelén

  13. Your house looks like just the sort of house I would love to live in! I put crushed cumin seeds and afew chilli flakes in my pumpkin soup. M x

  14. We just do the standard soup recipe with stock, sauteed onions, etc, and no spices as the family veto that. Sometimes if you have over seasoned a peeled raw potato or two simmered in the pot will absorb excess flavouring - bit like a colour catcher in the washing machine!

    Pomona x

  15. Heidi you scored at the thrift stores!!! I love your vase and the sconces! I never find anything...I'll have to go with you LOL!!!
    I absolutely love the bird house, your right it's amazing!!!! It's totally perfect!!!! Lucky lady!!!

  16. i love the parakeet vase and the birdhouse too!

  17. Love your nice vase!i love thrift stores a lot!Catherine

  18. Of course people drop off Swedish bird houses on your door step!! Only you Heidi!!
    The vase is glorious, what a brilliant find. I love your take on vintage styling, so clean & tidy, organised & clearly, well dusted!! Love Posie

  19. I lOVE that vase from the thrift store in goodness.

  20. Only dust bunnies? I think we have dust elephants here at my house. (I really do clean all the time, but can't seem to get rid of the dust! It's back the next day! Sigh.) Your budgie vase is so pretty! I love your yellow chair against the blue walls, and all the fabrics and your enamelware... Loveliness everywhere I look.

  21. Lovely to see little corners of your home - and what house is complete without those dust bunnies!
    Love the strong orange in your bathroom, its perfect - looks so cosy warm!
    You have a gift for spotting lovely things - that vase is too cute and i love the sconce and bird house!
    Gill xx