Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shades of green....

 My next door neighbor lives on a beautiful lake
 The kids nicknamed this tree you can imagine....
he does have some junk
in the trunk!
 around the lake edge there are the prettiest bushes and
these sweet little flowers.
 she has such a lovely view.

 the Lupine are just starting to pop up here and there
soon our ditches will be filled with them.
I'll share a picture with you.
 whats so nice is Carol has a canoe that the boys can take out
this summer.
 right now she has this little dock on a rope that they like to
drift out on and pull each other back.
George loved it...
Carol is so nice to let the kids come over and play in her yard
and share her beautiful lake with them!
 they love to ride there bikes from our driveway
through hers and back.

I know one of my blog friends has a stinker for a neighbor...
but what about the rest of you?

I feel so blessed to have a lovely tea buddy so close but she has fallen in love
with Mexico and may not be there much longer......
it always makes you think who could your next neighbor be.


  1. Alaska, what a place! Usually you hear..."my neighbor has a 'pool' that the kids can swim in." Not in your neighborhood, it's a lake!
    We are also blessed with good neighbors in both places. Miss E. at the Little House is the best and the closest, living directly across the street and the others on our side of the street are separated by pasture land.

  2. I want. I want...I'll like to live at this beautiful place ;o)...but I'm afraid the rest of my family prefer to stay here *smile*...
    ..and about our neighbours...we have a lot of course because it's in the city where we own our flat...some of them are very goed friends...and some...I don't want to talk about ;O)
    Have a nice evening at your lovely home!
    Maren was my third blogger date ;O)

  3. I'm trying to figure out what that little flower is so I can tell you the name. And yes, I can imagine the nickname for the tree. So nice of your neighbor to be such a good neighbor, they're so special. Right now we have good neighbors but most of them are working or running kids around. So it's pretty solitary. All I ask is that they take care of their pets and don't play LOUD music. Other than that - they're good neighbors!
    The lupine is beautiful! I could not get over the lupine when I was there. Ours is about 1 - 1 1/2 feet tall. Yours are 3 1/2 to 4 ft tall and FAT! Amanda was laughing at me being excited about the size of everything. Your family is certainly enjoying this summer, the boys will have fun on the lake (I hope they stay safe!) Hope you have a good day Heidi.

  4. What a fantastic adventure playground for your children and the most gorgeous views.

    We have a lovely next door neighbour and we are often chatting over the back fence and sipping cups of tea together, she even rescues my washing on windy days when it escapes my garden and decorates her apple trees.......bearing in mind she is 75, and skimming apple trees at any age can be a dangerous pastime.

    lily x

  5. That most definitely is a fantastic garden!

    Victoria xx

  6. Wow what a beautiful place to live so peaceful but i can imagine the bird song there. The inspiration you must feel by sitting by the lake and looking at all the beauty around you well it blows my mind. I have one neighbor who i get on really well with she is young like me and we are always there for each other. My other one is old and we kind of get on ;-) I hope if she moves you get another lovely one, dee x

  7. Hi Heidi,

    I hope your neighbour will stay! Wow, to have a view like that....It's something I can only dream of. When I look out of my window it's only houses and apartments I see (and a little bit of green in between) :-)! Our lives could not be more different.

    I thought you only had a daughter. Is that your son on the photo? What a handsome boy.

    Happy evening!

    Madelief x

  8. hello,

    what a creat natur.

    hugs Conny

  9. amazing view
    but still
    looks cold
    i have great
    and a great
    blog friend
    called mrs h
    will email soon


  10. What a spaceous environment. It looks so peaceful and quiet. Have nice week.

  11. Your neighbor is very sweet to share her yard and lake with you. Her view is amazing! I really do like most of my neighbors, but I have one that can be very very frustrating. Ok, worse than frustrating. We think he's insane.
    But doesn't every neighborhood have one of those?

  12. A beautiful view! We're very lucky - two great neighbours. Bad neighbours are a nightmare - we have friends who've experienced that - it nearly drove them mad. Abby x

  13. Beautiful. Its nice you have a lovely neigbour, although its sad she may be moving. We have a stinker too (literally and metaphorically)...hahaha

    p.s. you are too sweet :)

  14. Hej hej Heidi
    It reminds me of Sweden, the lake and the bushes.
    A beautiful view.
    Have a nice day, hugs from me

  15. Wow what an amazing view! I would never get anything done!

    I am lucky in that we have good neighbours on one side that have pretty much become our friends. On the other side is a single girl and she is rarely home polite enough when I see her though! It wasnt always so though. A long time ago we had some stinkers of neighbours. But thankfully they moved! Hooray!

    MBB x

  16. Hi!
    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments you leave behind! i really apresiate it :D
    Yu have a beautiful blog, filled with good and lovely stuff.
    Imagine having your own lake.. Amazing! Love the pictures. I miss the green.. Here in the middle of Oslo it feels like the green is far away..

    I am so happy you found me, so I found back to you!

    greetings from With a playfull mind.

  17. What an amazing place to live. So beautiful.

    Pam x

  18. What a beautiful place to live. Reminds me a lot of Finland!

  19. refering to my hitler&braun stinker neighbours per chance? ;)))
    i live in the wrong place, i most certainly do. there.