Friday, June 10, 2011

Hold on to your seat the best find ever........for me that is!

 I found this German spice chest 
at a yard sale today for $50
I was shaking caring it to the car.
I have wanted one of these forever.
I have seen more elaborate details on them
but I'm so Happy!

 each of the drawers are stamped.
 then Mimi and I found a Fisher and Price house
 one like I had as a little girl.
 in great condition for $2
 I had to have this I had one as a little girl and would pack it for all
my sleepovers......50 cents.
 I loved this picture for a $1
and last but not least this old metal stool
which I can't wait to change the top fabric out
for something with a little more color!

Its amazing the exhilaration of a 
Fab Find!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. OMG!!! Brilliant finds. I love the Villeroy & Boch spice holder. What a score!

    And the Fisher Price house!! How great is that?!!

    Lovin' it all in Alaska!

  2. So pleased you're happy with your find! Personally I love the Fisher Price house!

    Victoria xx

  3. No wonder you're excited. Great finds, especially the spice chest! Lucky you :o)

  4. Oh Darling,

    the V & B spice holder is super fantastic amazing! I want one too! And the price is absolutely great, it is really a steal. In germany the sellers want 180.- til 280.- Euro for such an item. I´m really enjoyed that you found such a wonderful piece for your home.
    I made a bargain too - some wonderful and really old french spice pots with roses on it. Will show them next week. At the moment I´m very busy and my husband leaves me for one week, he is so far away and I miss him. At the weekend I work again in my two jobs so I leave the house in the very early morning and come home in the night.
    But next week I will make some posts and I have some really beautiful enamelware breadboxes for sale - will show them in my blog.
    I wish you a nice and happy weekend and much joy with your wonderful finds.

    much kisses,

  5. Such fabulous finds, especially the spice holder, its amazing! No wonder you were shaking.

    You have the most beautiful graniteware/enamelware ever!!!! Tam x

  6. Woweee! I look up the spice rack on and here is the link I found just thought you'd get a kick out of that.

    My sister had a suitcase just like that when she was little, she was pretty proud of it too. And you can tell that is an old FP with how sturdy it looks, how cool is that for your daughter to have just what you did...Great shopping day for sure!! xo

  7. Good for you! Nice find! You'll love it, in fact you'll love all those things. I like the picture, too, very soft and beautiful colors. Nothing like a great find to brighten up your week! Diane

  8. How do you find such amazing treasures? If I didn't live so far away I'd love to go thrift shopping and bargain hunting with you.....well done on all your lovely finds.

    lily x

  9. Hi!
    Nice blog with so many nice things :)
    a hava a few antiks my self :) Love it...

    Happy weekend :)
    Sorry for my bad english ;)
    Love Anette

  10. Wow so much great stuff, I love it when you find the thing you have been after for ages - such a buzz! Scarlett x

  11. Villeroy and Boch??How posh!What an amazing find as are the rest of your treasures. I know a little girl not very far from here who would love a doll`s house like Mimi`s. Must go and see if I can find one. The stool would look great with a colourful crocheted top. Well done Heidi.xx

  12. Does'nt it make you feel good! Brilliant finds.

  13. Very nice flea market finds!

  14. Great spice holder! And that stool...words fail!

    Great job!

  15. Ooh villy boch, good score, am interested to see what you'll do with the stool, I'm sure you'll come up with a great idea.xx.

  16. Hello:)
    Love the first and the last picture:)
    The print around the rose have I made with decoupage:)
    hugs hugs

  17. Brilliant finds, every single one of them. Can't wait to see what you do with the stool. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  18. Hi Heidi,

    I feel so happy for you. All those wonderful finds. That spice chest really is a bargain. It will look perfect in your kitchen!

    Have a happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  19. Lovely! How exciting, it is great when you find something you love. It is great when something has a history. Ilove the house too. My daughter would go crazy for it. xxx

  20. Your german spice rack is so nice!! Love the little suitcase you found. I used to have a similar green one when I was a girl, that I used as my carry on case on the airplanes.

  21. You my friend hit the JACKPOT! Yahoooo. Hugs

  22. I love the enamel jug on the right!
    I can hear your excitement from here for your fab find!!!

  23. Great find that spice shelf is just stunning no wonder you were shaking ;-)) I used to love fisher price toys for my children they had a car garage. Enjoy your lovely finds, dee x

  24. such fabulous finds!!!!! greetings, angie

  25. Heidi what amazing finds, you clever girl!!!!
    love the spice chest, wondeful!!!
    And the dolls house and sweet little case, so cute!
    Love the painting too.
    In my minds eye I can see that wonderful stool covered in a whole range of things! A bright stripey crochet top, or simple fabric, or something equally lovely - whatever you do will be perfect!
    No wonder you're excited - great finds!
    Gill xx

  26. How fantastic... great job. When are you starting the storage again? Smiles...

  27. I had the fisher price doll house when I was a child. I really loved to play with it!!!
    Now my little cousins play with it... ;-)