Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Front porch re-do

 I decided to fix up the deck of the store
for us.
 I can have coffee out here tomorrow morning!
 These wicker chairs I love....
 My little plants are fake...
 still under construction.
 I need to plant and buy some hanging baskets....
 this is the color I'm going to paint the whole house 
with white trim and shutters!
It's called recycled glass.
for those of you who are new to the blog in December
I closed up my antique store after 9 years
 which was in the red building
and our house was in the white and blue.
when we decided to close up shop and
connect the two buildings for more room!

I think once we change the 2 dormers on the house
to match the other dormers and then once the porch
is finished and connects to the house
I think it will be perfect.

what have you been up to today?


  1. That house/shop looks so fabulous, I just can't tell you.

    Right now I'm dealing with a strange smell which I can't locate and a whole lot of kids' junk which I'm trying to declutter.

    I needed to see your sweet little porch to cheer me up and make me think that 'Yes, our living environs can look nice'.

  2. they have a very nice place to rest before their home and relax! Much love from angie

  3. I sounds like a great idea! I hope you continue to take us along on the construction


  4. That is going to be so nice! You sure have gained a lot of room connecting the two buildings and it will flow nicely when everything is completed...Yippy!

  5. What a lovely place to live, the colour you've chosen to paint your house is very similar to the colour we used for the windowes and door on our summerhouse, love the seating area on your porch, it would be wonderous to sit out on and happily sip tea and knit the whole day long..........I wish!

    lily x

  6. Completely love it Heidi, it was a great extension/ connection, the front balcony is so inviting, i don't think i'd ever want to leave!! Love Posie

  7. I wish I had a porch like that!! Your house looks beautiful and what a great idea to connect the 2 buildings..

  8. I love your porch, I will love to have one for me, but it is not possible... :-(
    It will be beautiful, it is a great idea join the two buildings, and I like the color green rycicled glass.
    I know that in USA everyone builds the houses with wood, but it so strange for me, we use bricks and concrete here, and yes, the works is very longer than yours, you could wait months (or years, it depends) before enter in your house.
    I love your house!
    Have a nice day Heidi!

  9. Oh, Heidi - it's going to look great - what a fab building. I always wanted a porch! Lovely. Off to a flea market now........ Abby x

  10. Hi Heidi, what a gorgeous spot for a tea break. The houses/house is looking fantastic, and I really like the colour you have chosen.

    Just finished work (the end for the week) and now I am having a glass of pink champagne, why not hey?

    Enjoy your coffee on your lovely porch tomorrow, Tam x

  11. Love the porch! Such a great place to sit and have a coffee!You've made it so pretty!
    You and your hubby have made a great job of the extension too!The paint colour you have chosen is gorgeous, thats gonna be a big job though!
    Rachel x

  12. It is going to look SO great!!! I think the color you chose is going to look so beautiful especially with the trees in the background...i can't wait to see it!!

  13. Adorable my friend!!! So cozy and I love the colour. xoxoxo HUGS

  14. Your porch looks fabulous! Scarlett x

  15. it's already
    perfect mrs h
    and although
    i hate cofee
    i love an
    american style
    i'll bring du vin


  16. Wow Heidi,

    Your house is enormous....and that porch...so pretty!!! I like the colour you chose to paint it in. I believe it is the same colour as our little garden house :-)!

    Lieve groet & happy days,

    Madelief x

  17. Can I come and join you for coffee?!

    Victoria xx

  18. Thanks for the pictures of the baby moose, they are just darling, such spindly little legs! Your house is going to be beautiful. What a cute idea to put aprons on the chairs for pads, perfect for your porch. I love the color you're going to paint the house, I think some of the paint names are wonderful, I think I picked out the color for my cottage for the name. Hugs, Diane

  19. Weird but this and your moose post just showed up in my reader today. Same goes for some other blogs, probably a blogger thing. :(
    Love your porch and your house will be perfect and you are gaining so much space!
    Today is my Mom's birthday so I spent the morning making a German cheese cake. Now I need to clean the kitchen...

  20. Thanks for your sweet comment on our blog :)! What a lovely house do you have, and such a nice colour you choose for it :D! I'm looking forward when it's finished! Love your blog!

  21. 's looking gooooooooood, heid's. oh my...
    i also still think you need a shop.