Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thank goodness for the weekend!

 See the window, those kids were jumping off the window sill
onto the bed....well
 Look what happened they broke our bed......
Upset, maybe a little

 mess and dirt everywhere this I expected....
 All there stuff...
 But the little pool I bought for Mimi
just the day before wrecked 
what was that all about!
finally at 2:45 they all left and peace settled back down
on our little home again....
I didn't even hit the bottle!

Looking forward to a quiet weekend,
I hope you all have a wonderful one also!


  1. Happy weekend, hope you get some rest!
    Loved your al fresco display!

  2. Oh, dear, sounds like you all need a quiet weekend. Shame about the bed and the little pool. I remember our eldest daughter having lots of girlie friends to stay years ago and them playing with lots of stuff in the bathroom = extremely bubbly, sticky, messy CHAOS!! Abby x

  3. Dear Heidi,

    What a shame about the bed. It's such a beautiful old one. I hope you can repair it! Enjoy your quiet weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief x

  4. Can you fix the bed? I bet it was like a tornado hit! The calm after the storm, there's nothing like it.

    And you didn't hit the bottle?! Incredible!

  5. My son had a birthday party once where the boys were jumping on the bed (not a springy bed, but a futon on a frame) and broke it. They all came barreling down the stairs and when I asked, "What was that CRACKING noise??", they said that the bed broke. I asked how and they said that they didn't know, it just broke. Sigh.

    I am so glad those days are over. We decided after that to have the big boy birthday parties at other locations and only have one special friend spend the night. Our daughter's parties consisted of uproarious laughter, making cassette tapes, eating a lot and a couple of incidents of sneaking out of the house and down to the beach at midnight (but because it was staying light out until after midnight, it wasn't a concern).

    Enjoy the quiet and get some deserve it!

  6. Oh no, chaos! Little Miss looks so cosy on the sofa, under the gorgeous eiderdown.

    I love your hook rug under your bed, actually I love it all.

    I hope you all had a chance to unwind when it was all over. Enjoy it while you can, Tam x

  7. Oh boy, you will certainly enjoy some quite time this weekend, I commend you for not hitting the bottle! Your a good mama to entertain all those friends, looks like the kids are pretty tuckered out too. Enjoy a peaceful couple of days..x

  8. Is everything about your house so cute?!! I love it all. Your poor beautiful bed! I'm sure you have hubby fixing it by now. Children sometimes aye?!! As for that poor little paddlilng pool, my goodness, clearly they don't like to cool off afterall. I hope the rest of the day went better.

  9. Oh! My God! What a pity for your poor bed, I hope you can fix it!
    Yes, I can imagine how you would like to have a relaxing week end, after the tornado!

  10. Oh dear - pity about the bed! Love the quilt, though ...

    Pomona x

  11. Oh dear Heidi - sounds like you've had your hands full there!
    Hope your lovely bed can be fixed.
    Hope you are getting a well deserved rest now
    We love the last picture of your little girl snuggled up with dear George!
    Have a great weekend!
    Gill xx

  12. Those little monsters! Hope you've had a chance to relax now :o)

  13. This reminds me of when my brother and I would climb up on my wardrobe and jump on the bed! How we didn't break something I don't know!

    Victoria xx

  14. Am so glad I found you again!!! my internet is down but will come back again.

  15. Oh dear, the little darlings can be a handful sometimes! It really is a beautiful bed and I truly hope you can fix it, or brace it so it looks like it's fixed, or something... It's hard to imagine that this little sleeping princess is capable of anything other than angelic behavior. :-) I do love all your little mushrooms on your dolly dressers, and your dala horses, and all the other scandinavian candleholders, etc... Makes me smile!

  16. oh no the bed! Hope you had a peaceful weekend since. Scarlett x

  17. good morning! I send them a lot of sun and wish a good day! Regards, Angie

  18. You have better nerves than I do. I absolutely love the picture of Mimi and George cuddled up together. That's just beautiful. Diane