Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A little taste of June.....

 Ok I don't know why this picture has decided to move to the right on me but it wins just stay there!!!
 I received my June issue of Romantic Homes
and I just wanted to share a few inspirations.
 The image above and below are the amazing Paper 
art of Karen Lampard....
 I love all the collections and colors together.

 Summer entertaining something I can't wait to try
for the first time.
 Rooms filled with a summer breeze 
and a good book or magazine.
and then the locals who between the rabbits and moose
my poor apple trees are toast!
I know I should have caged them!


  1. Good Grief..... I thought I had trouble with deer ! !
    Have A Great Day!!

  2. don't much
    like an apple
    but love a moose
    (but couldn't eat
    a whole one)
    aaaaargh haha


  3. Wow, check out that moose! Lovely mag pictures Abby x

  4. A moose!! That's way more exotic than the wild life I have in my garden :o)

  5. Such inspiring pictures..But your poor trees! Oh dear, I hope your well :-)

  6. Oh, but I think the moose loves your trees ;O)..It's so strange to see a moose like you next to your home....wish we had moose here...I should
    plant a lot of apple trees for him to stay *laugh*
    Love your pictures Heidi! If you like to see something of our walks this week you have to look here

  7. Ok, I will officially stop complaining about snails in my garden. :)

  8. Do I spot red gingham plates on that table??!! My goodness if only I could get my hands on some of them, my life would be complete. What a pretty magazine. It's such a rubbish day here today that I think I need to make something pretty for our house. Sorry about your apple trees! How awful to watch them go.

  9. I have not gotten my RH yet. I have had blogger do that before with pictures, try this, move it to the right then left, back and forth and middle and eventually you will find one that puts it right back into the right spot


  10. The moose is so cute! I love the romantic homes magazine, thanks for sharing your inspirational shots.

  11. Great inspirational photos here - from the magazine and from you too. Love seeing the wildlife in different places around the world... if you're interested in what's in my backyard, take a look here!

  12. love those paper flowers they look so pretty. lol bless the moose ;-))dee x

  13. summer is divine!!! (except for stolen apples, sorry!!!)

  14. Inspirational photos from that beautiful magazine - lovely!
    Great moose photo - reminds me of one of my daughters fav books when she was little called Theres a Moose loose in the House - and i always had to read it in a scottish accent for some reason!
    Gill xx

  15. It is so strange for me seeing a moose near to your home, we have not moose here.
    But today a grey snake cross my feet, between my neighbour's house and mine, it was not very long but I screamed, I think everyone in the valley could hear me!
    I would prefer to have moose, I could go to the supermarket for buying apples for her, but not for the snake! :-D

  16. Great shots among xwith that big moose! Thank you for stopping by to visit. Sorry it took me awhile to return the visit. SO glad I did, you have a fantastic blog. I'm a new follower and will be back again soon.

  17. Wonderful ideas in RH this time. I love the moose but I'm sorry about your apple trees. Hope you're well Heidi. Diane

  18. Oh how I love that magazine...such sweet photos...hugs for a great weekend. Thanks for visiting me the other day. xxooo

  19. that moose in the gardens, i still find this a hallucinative vision..