Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just the best....

 This is the first thing I saw when I entered this
amazing home.....
 Have you ever walked into someones home
and just fell in love with everything.....
 It for me was like walking into one of those cool old
apartment buildings.
 this place had so many treasures and they were all my 
style, I had to ask him if I could blog him!
 Love this....
 can you believe this you should see the inside!
 I fell hard for this table...
 Look at it.....
 Love this rack, sorry about my picture, blurry.
 Love this door.
 this picture did not turn out well this was the 
cutest piece!

and the the best for last
check out this stove......
I would love to do another whole post on his 
amazing place!

I could have stayed longer but all I had was my
camera on my phone.....and the kids started honking
the horn, they had had it!

Today is the last day of school.....yippee! 


  1. Yes I have and unfortunately I didn't have my camera (or phone with camera) so I just have to have them in my mind. This looks like a great place, really creative use of the space and I love the stacked rack, so many things to look at. Have a great day, Diane

  2. Love the colour of the fridge and love that flowery door even more.

  3. a visuel feast
    but hey
    can't help it
    just call me
    imagine dusting


  4. You have holidays now?! That's really early, isn't? Of did you have summerholiday later in the year?
    Have a nice time!

  5. Hello, thank you for popping by my blog!
    Such a shame that you had to leave this pretty place so early!
    Enjoy your hols then!

  6. beautiful old parts, the refrigerator is sooo cool! greetings angie

  7. Wow, an interesting, characterful place indeed. I'm hoping this comment will 'take' - haven't been able to leave comments for a bit. Come over to my blog and check out Ruby in the Bee outfit! Abby x

  8. I can understand how overwhelmed you were. It is just beautiful, love every bit of it.

  9. Dear Heidi,

    it was surely much fun to visit such an interesting home. So much beautiful vintage things to see. I love such little home tours very much.

    My husband said that he didn´t know that we now have two chinese crested dogs. Grrr. I know I´m not the best barbier but you are so right: They look like funny little clowns with their new hairstyle, hehe.

    many lovely greetings,
    Tannja (the doggie barbier)

  10. now i'm to-tal-ly intrigued whom you visited... can you tell us? or am i just a little slow? of course you would fall for several tables, including the BEST stove ever. oh, sets a train of thought in motion, a-here...

  11. yahh i could pry snoop around in there all day long!! i hope you have a good day!

  12. ooohhh it looks fabulous that fridge and cooker wow they are great. Its lovely when you can find inspiration and pleasure like that. Enjoy the rest of your week and the holidays to ;-)) dee x

  13. What a great home! I love walking into peoples houses and mentally redesigning them how I would have them,

    Victoria xxx

  14. Wow, what a great place, so many lovely things. I would love a fridge like that. Happy holidays :)