Monday, May 30, 2011

A fun and restful weekend!

 Yesterday we were invited over to a big King crab feed 
over at a friends house her husband had been out
for two months commercial fishing.
Then if this was not enough she sent us home with a bag full!
 Then one of my dear friends moved to Texas and sent me
some beautiful pictures.
Just look at this amazing antique store!
 I would have had fun decorating this place!
 Yeah Phil is the man, he fixed our poor old bed!
with a rule of no more jumping
must enforce!
I have never been able to enjoy 
the summer breeze in the morning
when you first wake up, it's wonderful!

were having many firsts.....


  1. Looks like a beautiful summer morning. I really like the little bath planter, too cute. Lucky you have a handy husband, ours would probably still be broken :) Enjoy your summer days, Tam

  2. So glad you were able to fix your bed! We sleep with the windows open as often as possible. Even in the early winter, we will put an extra blanket on the bed and crack the window open... I sleep so wonderfully when the room is cool. The antique store looks amazing. I love the iron bed. And the tub garden is so cool! One of my neighbors has an antique footed tub in her backyard, filled with the most beautiful flowers!!

  3. Enjoy all of those firsts, how wonderful...x

  4. I am just remembering when my parents finally sold their business of 16yrs, WOW a lifetime of firsts for them to relive & fortunately just as our big boy Harvey was born. It's the simplest of things you really appreciate when you haven't had time to enjoy them before...x

  5. Crab, yum! But I bet you haven't tried bugs (Moreton Bay bugs, that is), they're awesome!

  6. Yes, lots of firsts for you. It is best to think of them as exciting. Glad your bad is fiwed - no jumping is a good rule!
    WIshing you a wonderful week ahead,

  7. What a wonderful weekend...hugs for a great week. xoxoxox

  8. Re; bugs, look up
    they're a type of lobster, awesome taste, different to both lobster and crab, similar texture- and price!

  9. Glad you get your bed fixed - great to have your own handyman! Looks like a fab view from your window. Abby x

  10. That crab! Yum! I agree about the Moreton Bay bugs, they're divine. I would never have conceived one could get crab in Alaska.

  11. Hi there sweet lady, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, that crab looks mouth watering,my husband likes lobster but I find it too rich. Your peanut looks oblivious (snuggled up with her dog) to all the chaos that has been going! Great post! Sharon

  12. yum yum
    my fav
    tidying here
    love mimi
    and hound


  13. I am happy your Phil fixed the bed, if it happened to me my bed maybe would be changed, my husband is not very skilled with house's works and fixing...

    It is funny the blue-green bathtub in the shop's garden!

    Hugs, Laura

  14. Dear Heidi,

    every time I see your beautiful pictures I have the dream to visit your area. Oh I wish I would be rich to make all the trips I want to make.

    We have an old metal bed from ikea, it is not a dream but I like it. Two years ago my husband must fixed it too. The other possibility was to buy a new one but now we can sleep like angels in our old fixed bed.

    So much thanks for your compliment. I love our little garden which is full of flowers. It´s my own small paradise. (But I would have nothing against a bigger garden with more flowers).

    Now I walk my doggies and collect some nettles and put them in a pot with water because they are a very good garden fertilizer.

    sweet greetings,

  15. Lucky you, I love crabmeat, sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, good food and great friends, but more importantly a fixed bed.

    lily x

  16. Thanks for popping over. Bet your parents are feeling those 'firsts' too, so nice to read your posts in this new chapter of life.

  17. Sounds like a great weekend... apart from the crab - that's my worst nightmare! LOL!

    Victoria xxx

  18. Oh yay, i'm back, i can finally leave comments again, yahoo!! That looks like one amazing meal of crab, wow wee, love Posie

  19. i have just fallen in love with your last picture. can i clip it onto my inspiration wall down here? there's so much feeling in it... mhmmm, for the mood.