Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekend flowers.....

 ok I really just cut some tree branches 
but look at how sweet they look!
I am always amazed at how light changes
the outcome of your image.
I guess I could have put on an Ironed tablecloth!

I went to a wine tasting party last night
that was so much fun us Mom's I
think need one of these nights at
least twice a year.

Have a super weekend !


  1. Never mind the tablecloth, your dining area is adorable. All moms need some time away, glad you had fun. Have a good weekend! xo

  2. oh my wordy joy of joys- love the vintage eye candy wooohoooo look at that superly wonderful placey to dine at- i want to come for tea? pleeeeeeeease hehehe love your images xxxx

    p.s whats an iron???? hehehehehe ;0P

  3. So cute looking! Have you finished painting your kitchen cabinets yet??? :-)

  4. Who has the time to iron a tablecloth?!! I sure don't. Spring must be a welcome sight for you up in the cold. I do love your pretty blue cabinet.

  5. Love your new header Heidi,and the photos on the sidebar. I never iron, I just fold or hang the clothes as I take them off the clothes line. Mr T does his own shirts for work :) I had a few glasses of wine myself last night, not a great idea :( Hope you are having a great weekend. Tam x

  6. Your house looks so sweet and cozy. Don't worry about the tablecloth. I was looking at my ironing board today wondering seriously if I need to keep it - I suppose I do. But I use it so seldom. Hope all is well with you and your family Heidi. I'm glad it's beginning to warm up up there. Diane

  7. It all looks very pretty and homely!
    Who cares about the ironing!
    Rachel x

  8. life is too short
    to iron it away
    and a tipple with the girls
    cheers up the day


  9. Aaah, I've missed several of your posts! I thought I'd saved you to follow, but obviously I didn't! The tree branches look great. Ironed tablecloths? - pah!! Abby x

  10. it's a fact.
    i like your interiors SO much better than cath kidston's!

  11. I love your dining area, it looks so pretty and cosy, a real heart of the home.

    lily x

  12. They look lovely and natural and your house always look so cosy ;-) Hope you have had a lovely weekend, dee x

  13. Great flowers!

    Glad you had good fun at the wine tasting!

    Victoria xx

  14. Hi Heidi! I love the new name and your cosy dining room.
    IRON! parish the thought!
    xo Ro

  15. I'm always cutting tree branches to bring indoors, pretty, but simple.

    I hope you had a good weekend.... Lou xxx

    PS. I like the idea of wine tasting.

  16. Oh yes, a branch with or without leaves is as good as a bunch of flowers, looks beautiful!! Love Posie

  17. Your blog is lovely. The flowers look great. You have lots of gorgeous vintage china. I love the coat your friend sewed for you too.x

  18. I love the look of flowering branches - yours are gorgeous!
    Have a happy one,
    ~ Zuzu

  19. he he he.... no one got drunk though, now?
    did you say ironing? naaaaaaaaaaah...

  20. those are pretty! i just bought some pretty roses at the market yesterday :)