Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Estate Sale Treasures....

 I fell in love with these posters from the 50's.....
 Have any of you heard of him?

 How could I pass up these polka dot glasses
 Or this little bottle....
 They had an amazing book collection,
this was my favorite.

While I love getting the estate all ready for the sale and
spending time with friends at the same time.
I'm glad its over and I can just focus on 
pre school, it was hard juggling both the last two weeks.

Its so much fun getting to know the kids, 
they are adorable!

I hope your all doing well and your weather is holding
in the summer pattern...... 
I'm afraid Fall weather is in full swing up here!

Take care,


  1. Well the flower book is the most wonderful of all your finds. LOVE that. My mom has a collection of that type of book and they are all beautiful.

  2. Some beautiful things. Love the book and the dinky little bottle.
    Have fun at pre-school.

  3. those glasses are so you. :) glad things will settle down for you a bit, again. enjoy those cute little ones in your charge. :)

  4. Love love the illustrations in your book! :) x

  5. Beautiful treasures, love them!

  6. Heidi
    Great finds, but your book is my favorite!

  7. we are actually still hanging in hot summer weather, would you believe it? a definite autumn tinge to mornings and evenings, it is here now 30°C. a tad too hot for me, so i'm hiding indoors, positively getting misty-eyed over that book and that birdy vase!

  8. How romantic pictures you show us today! :)

  9. I really love those horsey posters and that book! Hope you have a really nice weekend Heidi, Pam xx

  10. I love the book and polka dot glasses!!!! Totally meant for you!!! I love polka dots toooo!!! They always make me happy !!!! Wish I could have made it down. I will try to be at the next one!!!! Hugs, Chris.

  11. Lovely prints and I love the little blue bottle to. Its getting quite chilly here now Autumn is def just round the corner and the nights are getting darker early and the leaves are started to turn. Its nice in a way but it makes for a long time until we feel the warmth of the sun again. Have a fun, dee x

  12. great finds....I love that flower book! Hope you are well and your September is off to a great start...Thank you for always visiting me...happy weekend.

  13. Great finds Heidi. I love the flowerbook. Have a nice weekend, lieve groet