Sunday, May 13, 2012

Part One of my thrifted treasures.....

 This last week I had the opportunity to stop at a few more garage sales
and thrift I will have to share them in 3 parts I think....
Just look at this little darling, He is so sweet!!!

 and we could not leave his friend for a quarter....
 I found stacks of vintage Golden books which I will share next
but I loved this colorful little elephant with his pink tail....
 as you can see I moved the couch from the living room out to the family room
as the old one was...well we said our goodbyes...
 I bought this great stool at a garage sale...the cover is green vinyl but its so torn up
I just tied some fabric over the top till I can look at it....great extra seating with kids!

I think it look so cheery out here, you know me and color
I can't ever have enough!
 We had a Momma moose show up this last week, sorry my picture is so blurry
she was on the move....
 And Miss Mimi is so excited to be able to ride her bike again
she loves to zip around until the bus comes, only 8 more days of school....
We had to take a picture of Cory for the graduation slide show
next year middle school...he is so excited!!
I wish Mom was....

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

I'm so excited to be able to catch up with all of you...


  1. So beautiful children you have :)
    And your living room makes me smile :)
    You have so many colors!
    I like it;)

    Hugs from Jane

  2. ooh. mama moose!

    happy mother's day to you!!!

  3. What treasures! Love that blue fellow :)

  4. Happy Mothers Day :)
    How cute are your kids!!!

  5. Hi! I love your beautiful home, and you have so lovely kids! Have a happy Mothers day!

  6. What a beautiful things you found en I love youre room,I would like to comment more on youre post,but I dont now all the words to say it,have a great week,greetings Musje.

  7. Lovely home you have!
    Full of colour!

    AND I love the lamp!

  8. I love your finds, especially the doggy lamp. Your living room is just so happy and colourful. I really want to add more colour to my house but I don't know where to start. You have beautiful children xx

  9. Loving all the colourful crochet in your home........very cosy.x

  10. Great thrifty finds Heidi, the little doggie lamp is so sweet.
    lily x

  11. Love your treasures - you have a much better class of other folks' rubbish over there!!The little stool is crying out for a crocheted cover!Beautiful children - hope Missy Mimi wears a helmet when she rides her bike out.Have a great week, my friend.x

  12. Hello you, your home always looks so lovely! You’re the Queen of shopping!

    Lou xxx

  13. Your living room is gorgeous Heidi..its nice to see colour. How cute is the dog lamp, fab treasures that you found.

    They grow up so fast don't they? Is Mimi wearing her new earrings?
    Enjoy your week, T x

  14. I'm sorry you can not see the video I show! May be you can look it up on You Tube?

  15. I love that lamp its so cute and so is his little friend glad you took them home. And your home is looking gorgeous and so full of lovely colour. Little Miss Mimi is adorable bless her and its so hard to let our sons go. Growing up is so hard for us mum's no matter how big they get they will always be our babies ;-)) dee x

  16. Oh momma moose! I still find it amazing that you have mooses wandering about, they're such fantastic looking creatures!
    Love all that colour at home; colour is SO delish isn't it- gives you an instant lift!
    Have a good week

  17. All very fun things, Heidi. I'm sure glad you still have a place for George to sit. He looks kind of relieved, too. Diane

  18. Your living room is so so gloriously colourful and amazing! Love it! and those white white walls are inducing envy I am afraid. look forward to seeing the rest of the goodies. melx

  19. What an absolutely charming family room!
    I love the cheerful colors and the map hanging on the wall...Vintage maps are always appealing to me.
    And that blue puppy lamp is such a conversational piece and would totally steal the show in any vignette...the vintage rose lampshade is also quite a jewel. I've been to several yard sales this spring as well...I'm not so sure my loot is as charming as yours, but I'm happy for what I've found so far.


  20. Your treasures are so lovely....I love your sweet room...beautiful colours. Love all the sweetness and FUN! xoxoo Hugs

  21. And that was only part One?!? Wow! I am a big fan of your little cloth elephant. Thanks for your comment about my drool worthy red and white finds - I love that phrase!

  22. Wow I love all the wonderful treasures and the colours in your family room.
    Debbie x

  23. your room looks like a real pleasure to sit in and relax. thank you for such frankness!