Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bring out the warm clothes.....

Winter clothes have moved to the front 
now that we have snow....
Its amazing,
 how much colder it feels
now that its here and we still have the same temperature.

Hope you all had a great Halloween!!!


  1. You have snow?! Pics please!!! :-)

  2. What a lovely room! Colourfull.
    We never get snow before the end of november or december.. but when its here it does not leave before the end of april (yuk).
    Have a nice day.
    Hugs Madelén

  3. It's because snow is magical! I sorted out winter clothes, but since they put my office heating on it's like the tropics every day at work. I can't get over the fact I wore a sleeveless dress today. In November! :)

  4. love this room, so pretty and colourful. Yes you really need warm clothes with snow :)!

  5. A lot of snow and cold! Winter has arrived.
    I have closet crush. :)

  6. Love your dressing room...How fun to have snow, yippy! xo

  7. We've been hearing all about the snow you've been having on the news.....brrrrr.
    I am green with envy at your wardrobe, it is lovely and tidy too, mine is a mess :-0 xx

  8. The room and clothes are to die for!

    Please let me see some pictures of the snow!

    Lou xxx

  9. What a beautiful closet and so many beautiful and pretty coloured clothes. Keep warm, dee x

  10. We have just put all of our winter clothes away. It is warm in Brusbane now...bring on the summer!

    Love that rug you have in your wardrobe, what is it made of? x

  11. I want a walk in wardrobe like this one! Lovely and warm here. Fancy, you have snow!

  12. You certainly have a tidy closet!
    I'm still digging for some of my winter clothes.
    I can't seem to remember where I stored them!

  13. Dear Heidi,

    your halloween decoration is great you have so many things I´m impressed. I have two glass pumpkins only.

    I found the picture on pinterest. Now I know it is called freestyle crocheting with the bullion stitch. I tried the bullion stitch which is a bit tricky but it turned out beautiful. I want to crochet a little bag which looks like the crocheting in the picture. We will see.

    Have a nice week,

  14. Great closet Heidi. 35 degrees here today. In the middle of the winter that would be shirtsleeve weather - today it's just freezing, just depends, I guess. Diane

  15. Such a lovely closet!!!
    I agree it does feel colder now that the snow is here!!!
    Looking forward to spring LOL!!!
    Stay warm!!
    Chris :o)

  16. OMFG that looks better than a shop!!! so inviting, makes me want to 'browse the racks'.xx.

  17. Hi Heidi,

    We heard about your snowfall in Europe. It sounds so early! We still have mild temperatures here. It felt like summer yesterday. It will not be for long though...Your room & clothes look very colourful!! Very Heidi :-)!

    Have a lovely day,

    Madelief x

  18. well, with a little magination halloween got a little scary, but the alternative way (as in 'scary movie, part 4').
    but. really. snow.
    i can't hardly imagine...
    have you got the sledge parked nearby?

  19. Wow, what a wardrobe. I'm SO jealous, I wish I had a space like that..

  20. Hej Heidi, it looks great and so colorful.
    Lieve groetjes